Friday, 25 September 2015

#GBJABO - M!xUbbles

GBBO, MixUbbles, Children Drink Maker

Another week of #GBBO! Choux Pastry Mountain eh? I've watched an episode of Raymond Blanc making it his own program (with profiteroles though not Eclairs) and he made it look so easy! I'm quite tempted to take up the challenge but I'm not sure if mine will last for 2 hours either hehe.

To take a break from food making, we had fun with a drink maker from John Adams - M!xUbbles!

GBBO, MixUbbles, Children Drink Maker

The M!xUbbles (RRP £22.99, suitable for 6 years +) comes with:

- Electronic LED mixer (2 x AA batteries not included)
- Mixing jug and lid
- M!xUbble character
- 3 candy flavour powders (natural flavourings: Pear Drops, Cherry Bomb and Gummy Bear)
- 2 plastic serving cups
- 2 straws
- Measuring spoon
- Tongs
- Bag clip (for the flavour powders)
- Manual

and you will need to buy your own fizzy lemonade. I wouldn't recommend plain water (I've tried) unless your child doesn't mind unsweetened flavoured water. The bubbles makes it yummier too.

GBBO, MixUbbles, Children Drink Maker
The M!xUbble character holds 2 spoonfuls of the flavoured and coloured powder, which you can freely mix and match
The manual comes with a list of flavours you can mix to help
GBBO, MixUbbles, Children Drink Maker
Look at the character! It becomes FAT in the water!
GBBO, MixUbbles, Children Drink Maker
First attempt using plain water. It works but is not as nice to drink of course
GBBO, MixUbbles, Children Drink Maker
3rd attempt with fizzy lemonade. The drink definitely taste nicer!
GBBO, MixUbbles, Children Drink Maker
Removing the character with the tongs
GBBO, MixUbbles, Children Drink Maker
Ready to serve!
It's really easy to make the drink. Fill the M!xUbble character with 2 scoops of flavoured powder of your choice (you can mix and match too!), close it and place it into the mixing jug that is already attached to the electric LED mixer. Place the lid on firmly and then slowly turn the knob to bring the speed up. The character, attached to the elextric mixer with a magnet, will then spin, creating a vortex at the top that takes the flavoured powder out of the character and mix it into the drink.

We first tried it with plain water as we didn't have lemonade and we just wanted to try the drink maker immediately! The process was absolute fun for the kids (flashing lights shining at the mixing drink like disco lights!), quite easy for Abby to do everything herself (apart from putting in the batteries which was my job), and they couldn't stop giggling through.

But because the flavoured water smelled really fragrant and looked really pretty, we all expected the drink to taste sweet. It wasn't (the flavoured powder wasn't sweetened as I initially thought!) and the kids were a bit disappointed! The still water also made the drink a bit boring, so I highly recommend using fizzy lemonade for the drinks! Preferably chilled too!

I then tried making the drink again (behind the kids' back. Shame on me?!), this time with lemonade, and it tasted so much better!

Some tips:

- The flavoured powder can get stuck at the bottom of the M!xUbbles character after getting into contact with the liquid, so it might help the mixing by loosening the powder up a bit before placing it into the mixing cup.

- The M!xUbbles character is attached to the electric mixer with magnet. It is a very clever design, but the magnet position might slip as well. So do increase and decrease speed slowly. You can also use the tongs or other tools to re-adjust the character in the cup, but try not to lift it out from the drink until you are finished with the mixing.

- The tongs can be a bit tricky to use if you are trying to hold the character with it. The best way is to slide it to the bottom of the character and tilt it up so you end up holding onto the character's "waist".

- Children might need adult's help with the bag clip to keep the powder packets sealed, especially when there is more than one packet needed to be sealed with it.

Overall we find that the M!xUbbles is very fun to play with, and the flavoured powders smell absolutely gorgeous! It has certainly enhanced the flavour and the colour of a normal lemonade! We love the LED lights playing while the character is turning itself silly, and it's fun to see the clear drink turn into a deeper beautiful colour. The vortex created by the character to remove the flavoured powder inside is science worth going through with the kids as well!

The tools and equipment are all very sturdy, so thumbs up with the overall quality! There are times when the character won't stay in position or the tongs are a bit tricky to use, but it is still a fun and amusing product for the kids.

Next Wednesday #GBBO is all about Chocolate, and I'll have something chocolatey as well for #GBJABO!