Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Christmas 2015 - Limited Editions

It's that time of the year again! Well, almost. It's still a bit early for a Christmas feature (it's not even Halloween yet!), but because some of the gifts I'd like to feature are limited edition (permanently or limited to season), and I wouldn't want them to go out of stock by the time I post the whole Christmas Gifts post up, I've decided to split each section up and publish them on different days, with the Limited Edition post up a week (or 2) earlier. I will link each section to each other for easy navigation of course.

The Christmas Gifts feature is split into the following posts (order might change):

Limited Editions
Gadgets & Games
Well Being

A little bit different than previous years, I've included quite a bit of gifts that I have found but have never reviewed. It's something that we think are really nice for Christmas, so even though we haven't reviewed them, they've already won our hearts by just the look of them (I will make sure that you can tell whether we've tired and tested the products of course)! There are also things that we have bought and never reviewed on the blog before, but I think will make brilliant gifts.

On the last day of my Christmas Gifts feature, there will be a giveaway too! I can't tell you what prizes I have in store for you just yet as things might change, but at least 2 of them are something that we have reviewed before and really liked, so hopefully you'll like them too!

Do keep your eyes open for the rest of the Christmas Gifts section, and if you fancy any of the limited edition gift, I'd suggest buying them as soon as you can because they won't be around for long!

Happy Browsing x

Swarovski Christmas Set 2015 (£119)

Every Christmas, Swarovski releases their Christmas collection that always feature a crystal star ornament. I think it used to be just the one crystal star, but I noticed a lovely selection this year, so there is plenty to choose from for different budgets.

This stunning Christmas set however, is exclusive to their online shop only, and apart from a mesmerising crystal star, it also features a Swarovski Crystal studded Christmas Ball ornament that has a crystal Angel inside, and a display stand to display them both. They have a wide range of crystal ornaments that you can buy to decorate your Christmas tree, but I think that this set will make an amazing Christmas gift!

Disney Princess Limited Edition Wedding Day Cinderella Doll £27.99

I know that Disney Frozen is still a big hit this year, but we absolutely loved the latest Disney movie Cinderella, and I'm sure there are plenty of Cinderella fans out there too! This isn't the first Disney Princess limited edition doll I have seen, but this is the first one I see that is currently still available at its original price (the price on Amazon and Ebay for these dolls are scary!). It is a lovely doll, and although it's not the one with the blue dress, I'm sure it'll still please the fans this Christmas!

Guerlain Meteorites pearls are one of the kind of makeup that will make a lovely collection, not just because of the beautiful pearls inside, but also the packaging that changes every so often, with occasional limited edition designs. How I wish I can collect them all! This Christmas 2015 edition is one of the things that I really really want because it is just soo pretty and Winter Wonderland like! But I really really want a lot of other things as well so I'm still debating!

It is still available, but I don't think it will be for long!

I love Urban Decay eye shadows because they are extremely easy to apply, and you only need a little to get the effect you want. I have been keeping my eyes on the previous Vice palettes, but every time I decided to get one, it went out of stock!

The Vice 4, although slightly darker than the Vice 3 (which I have been eyeing on for too long), comes with a wide range of colours, with a great selection of neutrals and all the beautiful jewels, so I think it'll be perfect for this season. The massive mirror (the times I struggle with a tiny mirror!) and their soft fluffy brush are definitely a bonus, and the cover design is beautiful too!

Urban Decay's eye shadows are known for their wide range of colours as well as quality, it will definitely make a great Christmas gift, especially the Vice palette! It's already out online, but will be launching in stores tomorrow. It's definitely a makeup palette that doesn't hang around for long! 

Left: 2015 10 years anniversary edition
Right: 2014 Christmas limited edition
Viktor & Rolf FlowerBomb Limited Edition 2015   £74.00

It is Flowerbomb au de perfum 10 years anniversary, so this limited edition bottle is even more precious than the other ones. Honestly speaking, perfumes are a very personal thing that is very hard to buy as a gift unless you know the person well, however, it is limited edition and the bottle design is beautiful, so you wouldn't be too far from getting it right especially for limited edition perfume bottle collectors! From the sound of the notes, it's definitely my kind of perfume:

Opening top notes: citrus bergamia, green tea
Heart centre notes: freesia, jasmine, citrus blossom, orchid, rose
Deep base notes: Musk, Patchouli

I attached the image of last year's limited edition bottle, because I actually like that bottle more (sorry about the picture quality). They are both available from Selfridges, with the 2014 Christmas edition being £1 cheaper.

If you want to know what other limited edition perfumes there are (like the Montblanc Legend Calligraphy Edition), the perfume master website can tell you all about the new releases as well as the notes for each perfume.

Right: Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water (pegi 18) limited edition bundle available from 30th October in stores

Super Mario Box - Limited Edition   £29.99

It is Super Mario's 30th anniversary this year, and Nintendo has released a limited edition gift box that comes with Mario Classic Colours (we have the modern colour one which can be bought separately) amiibo, 8-bit Mario soft toy, Mario "Breaking Bricks since 1985" T-shirt (large) and a Mario hat.

The gift box doesn't include a Super Mario game, but this will make a great limited edition gift to the Super Mario fans!

Nintendo has other limited edition game and/ or console bundles available as well, and although they are mostly family friendly, they do have have bundles suitable for adults only too!

Just because something is limited edition, doesn't mean that they worth over thousands of pounds. The above Limited Edition selection are ones I found on the Internet that I think are reasonably priced and I really like, or think that will be suitable for quite a lot of people. Hope you and your giftee will like them too!