Monday, 26 October 2015

Hotel Chocolat - Classic Christmas and Winter Desserts H-Box

Hotel Chocolat, Christmas chocolates, chocolate gifts
A luxurious treat!
Artisan chocolates with a good bite! We have enjoyed Hotel Chocolat's chocolates for many years now, and they were the best chocolate Christmas gifts I've bought for my family (you can find all our Hotel Chocolat reviews here).

This year, we were given another lovely opportunity to review something from their Christmas range! Although I love their Sleekster boxes (more to share means more for me!), I think that their H-Boxes will make perfect gifts for one or a couple to share (match it with a bottle of bubbly and you are set for a house party!).

The H-Boxes are also the perfect sampling boxes for you, to help you decide which bigger box (Hotel Chocolat have a variety of box sizes under the same theme, which includes most if not all the chocolates from the H-Box, plus other variety as well) you should buy as a gift, or simply for you to discover a new flavour to add to your favourites.

In this case, we've decided on their Classic Christmas H-Box and Winter Desserts H-Box, and I have indeed found a new flavour that has become my new found favourite (Eton Mess will have to move to second place)!

Left: Classic Christmas         Right: Winter Desserts
Hotel Chocolat, Christmas chocolates, chocolate gifts
Top: Classic Christmas H-Box menu card
Bottom: Winter Desserts H-Box menu card
Hotel Chocolat  Classic Christmas H-Box and Winter Desserts H-Box (£12.00 each) comes with 14 chocolates per box, with 13 variety in the Classic Christmas box (you get 2 Christmas Mess) and 14 in the Winter Desserts box.

Both boxes are perfect for Christmas, and there are many Christmassy flavoured chocolates that appear in both boxes. But the boxes are still very different and I think that the Classic Christmas selection is perfect for family with children, where as the Winter Desserts is most suitable for dessert lovers.

Hotel Chocolat, Christmas chocolates, chocolate gifts
The chocolates that appear in both Class Christmas and Winter Desserts H-Boxes
Hotel Chocolat, Christmas chocolates, chocolate gifts
Left: What's left from the rest of our Classic Christmas H-Box. Couldn't resist!
Right: The rest of the chocolates from the Winter Desserts H-Box
The top image shows the Christmassy flavours that will appear in both Classic Christmas and Winter Desserts boxes, so no matter which box you choose, you'll definitely be enjoying Christmas! The Christmas Mess, Mince Pie Brownie and Caramel Chocolate Pot, to name a few, are all really yummy!

The bottom left is what is left of the rest of the Classic Christmas box. We couldn't resist and ate the Gianduja Bombe, Brandy Butter (there are 2 alcoholic chocolates in the Classic Christmas box) and Nutmeg Almond Praline before I can do the dissection picture!

The bottom right is the rest of the Winter Desserts box.

It's very hard to say which our favourite box is, but because we have young children, the solid Caramel Tree and the Nutmeg Almond Praline from the Classic Christmas box attracts them most because of their shape (there are 4 chocolate solid shapes in the Classic Christmas Sleekster box, plus 2 Nutmeg Almond Praline stars!). It also comes with my new found favourite - Gianduja Bombe. Oh. My. God. That will be the only chocolate I'll be craving for for a good while. It's dark, it's mysterious, and that roasted nut flavour just stayed in my mouth! It's definitely not a chocolate I'll share with the kids even though it's non alcoholic. No, this luxury indulgence will be for adults (me!) only.

But then we also love the desserts from the Winter Desserts box, especially the Tiramisu, Coffee & Walnut Cake, and the Trillionaire's Shortbread. I had a look and Hotel Chocolat's Classic Christmas Luxe box, which is like a luxurious version of the Class Christmas Sleekster, does come with some of the Winter Desserts too, so there's a thought.

Honestly speaking though, whichever box you buy, the giftee will love it!