Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hubby's Birthday Cake

Chocolate cake, Salted Caramel Mousse, Peanut Buttercream

Well. I wasn't really going to post this up because the cake had a lot of failures as it is usual with my baking haha. But it was really yummy (even though I can find improvements), and I have put in a lot of hard work on it, so of course I'll have to post about it!

This is basically a Caramel Mousse and Peanut Buttercream Chocolate Cake, which has the following layers (from top to bottom):

Chocolate Mirror Glaze (big fail)
Salted Caramel Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Salted Caramel Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse
Peanut Buttercream with Chocolate Crispy Balls
Salted Caramel Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse
Flourless Chocolate Cake

Every component taste really yummy (the glaze a bit less so), and the combined flavour is really good too, but then:

  • The cake broke into pieces (had to patch them up in the mould)
  • The crispy chocolate balls turn soggy after the first defrost
  • Forgot to whip the cream only lightly before folding it with the caramel
  • The glaze. Ahhh the glaze. Bad recipe (which I knew because the exact same thing happened last time I used it!) but it's so shiny! But I rather have less shine than a wrinkly glaze so I'll have to look for another recipe soon (Trusting my Le Cordon Bleu book will help...)

Well, lessons learned, and because it really is so yummy, I'll have to try it again. Thing is, I can follow the improved recipe to the dot (and it will still most likely go wrong, like with my Macarons), but I can only hope for a good day where I won't drop a cake or chocolate covered spatula!

The good news is, I can finally make tempered chocolate decorations without a thermometer, and then wondered why I didn't just use that around the cake instead of the glaze?!

There is also something else I wanted to show you:

100% cocoa powder, Valrhona cocoa powder, Chocolate Macarons

100% cocoa powder, Valrhona cocoa powder, Chocolate Macarons
Pretty right? Because they were half baked. They look rather different after they came out from the oven! How I love and hate Macarons so much!
I'm all for supporting Fair Trade, but when it comes to baking, I'd have to go for Valrhona's quality chocolate because the result is amazing. And I'm not just talking about the colour, you actually get more flavour out from their cocoa powder as well. We use the Fair Trade for drinking chocolate instead.