Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Littlest Pet Shop - Lights, Camera, Mongoose! DVD

Littlest Pet Shop, Lights Camera Mongoose! DVD, pet toy

Another DVD for the half term fun! Littlest Pet Shop - Lights, Camera, Mongoose! is out this week, and if you are quick enough, you might be able to grab the special edition that comes with a Littlest Pet Shop Toy (suitable for 4 years+) that can be connected to the free app too!

The Littlest Pet Shop - Lights, Camera, Mongoose! DVD covers Littlest Pet Shop series one episode 8 to 13 (runs for approx. 2 hours+):

  • Blythe's Crush
  • Dumb Dumbwaiter
  • Eve of Destruction
  • Books & Covers
  • So You Sink You Can Dance
  • Lights, Camera, Mongoose!

Littlest Pet Shop started out as a collectible pet figurines, and we fell in love with them because of their adorable big head and eyes! The TV series came along with a great story and fun (and funny!) characters. Did you know that Blythe, the teenage girl who works at the pet shop and has the ability to hear the pets talk, actually started out as a doll unrelated to the Littlest Pet Shop until 2010? I think putting them together is a great move!

Our favourite little pet has to be Penny Ling. Although she is a bit sensitive and cries easily, it just makes us feel sorry for her. Even the other little pets are really kind to and protective of her! Our favourite episode in this collection has to be Eve of Destruction!

If your little one(s) love watching Littlest Pet Shop as well, the DVDs (first one was Littlest Pet Shop - Little Pets Big Adventure, covering the first 7 episodes) are definitely worth collecting (especially for those who loves to watch the episodes over and over again!)