Friday, 9 October 2015

Looking for Eyeliner? Something to Remember while picking one

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For the perfect look, you need to perfectly choose makeup products too. And one of the first things you should start looking for in order to make your eyes stand out more is eyeliner. It is not that hard to find the perfect one if you know what color of eyes you have. And since that is pretty easy to do – there is not much more to know!

To make things clearer for you, in this article you will find some basic tips how to choose the right eyeliner by looking at your eyes and at some other stuff. With these tips, you will be able to look even more gorgeous than before. Enjoy!

First: consider your eye color

As mentioned, one of the aspect you need to know before choosing a perfect eyeliner is your eye color. The basic tip should be to look for an eyeliner that contrasts your natural eye color. For example, serves to emphasize it.

So, if you have green eyes, the perfect eyeliner would be in reddish or purple tones. Blue eyes look perfect with gold and rust-colored eyeliners. Brown eyes work perfectly good with every shade since brown is a neutral color. But if you look for a great starting point then a lighter shade of brown eyeliner will help to emphasize the lighter shades in your eyes.

And of course, if applied correctly and combined with other makeup, black eyeliner suits every eye color perfectly. No wonder why it is classics!

Second: consider the consistency of an eyeliner

There are not only many different colors of eyeliners, but there are many different types of them too. And consistencies of that need additional attention to talk about. Basically, there are two types of eyeliners: liquid and pencil.

Liquid eyeliners are perfect for girls, who have some great skills of putting makeup. It might be quite difficult to correct a mistake if you did one while applying a line with liquid liner. On the other hand, these eyeliners definitely last a lot longer, they are in brighter colors and it creates a more dramatic look for sure.

At the same time, pencil eyeliners are perfect for newbies in makeup, since it is a lot easier to correct a mistake with it. It also creates a smoother look too. But pencil eyeliners tend to smudge off.

So the happy marriage of these two would be using a pencil eyeliner for a day, and liquid one for the stronger and bolder look in the evening.

Third: know where to shop

You can definitely find some eyeliners at dollar stores and spend a very little amount of money. But you are taking a risk of a poor quality product which won’t make you happy at all. It is much better to invest a little bit into a good eyeliner and use it for long, knowing it is really high-quality and doesn’t harm your eyes.

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