Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Favourite Garments for the Colder Days and Thoughts about Trends

knitwear, fashion, 2015 Autumn/ Winter
Image Credits (Top to bottom, left to right):
Chasseur Magazine
I have always been a knitwear fan. I especially love knitted jumpers (especially those with turtle neck *insert love heart eyes emoji*) and cardigans, because they make me feel and look warm! Ideally they are made of soft and fluffy fabric (although I'm terrible with looking after them in the wash!) to give me that cosiness too.

Come to think of it, that is probably the main reason why I look forward to the colder days - to give me the opportunity to make me feel cosy. Does that make sense?

Knit wears are always part of the Autumn/ Winter fashion trends, and this is one of the once in a blue moon time when I follow (albeit by accident) what the industry said. I'm just not one who likes to follow a trend when I know that it doesn't suit me (I do not believe that something suits everyone, which is more like a sales technique. We are all different and have different looks we want to achieve). I've been told that I'm being difficult or trying to be different, but I don't see why that is a bad thing? Can you imagine a society where everyone have the same look, with the same hair style and colour (like when Marilyn Monroe became famous), makeup and clothes, but with different skin colour, body size and features? If something got my attention, works with my look and makes me feel comfortable, then I'm in.

Anyway, back to my favourite Autumn/ Winter wear! I had a chance to browse the lovely Internet, and there are so many wearable knit wears out there that makes me feel all fussy inside! The above images are just a few that caught my attention.

I really love that black long cardigan featured on Chasseur Magazine, although I'd prefer it with sleeves. I used to have a similar cardigan and it was my favourite.

I like the massive turtle neck from the top right design, but it reminds me of Kylie Minogue?! I also like the outfit put together by thebestfashionblog, which I think is very classy, but I love the whole outfit featured in nowfashion.com most (especially the skirt! I want that skirt!).

Isn't this Autumn/ Winter looking great?! Looking through my wardrobe, I think it's time to do some shopping *grin*.