Thursday, 29 October 2015

Potter's Herbals - Elixir of Echinacea Plus

cold medicine, herbal medicine, flu season

The flu season has started a few weeks ago and has knocked quite many down in one go. Clay was hit in the first wave together with a lot of his fellow school mates, then Abby and me. It took him a few days to recover, but me and Abby are still having cold symptoms after 3 weeks!

2 weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review Potter's Herbals Elixir of Echinacea Plus (RRP £10.99, available from Holland & Barrett), which is suppose to help with cold and flu recovery especially from the first sign of symptoms. I was already sick for a week so I'm not sure whether it would still help me, but anything to make me feel better earlier! And since it's herbal, and I have heard of Echinacea for flu before, I decided to give it a go.

After my first try, I thought that it was quite tasty! Apparently part of my taste has gone so I could only taste the sweetness from the elixir (I love the word elixir!). I was more than happy to keep taking it. The only problem I found was that because the elixir is of water consistency, it leaks easily over the bottle when pouring it out onto a spoon, even though I tried catching every drop with the spoon pressing against the bottle. There has to be a trick here, since Potter's Herbals have been making herbal medicines for years, I just wasn't very good at this.

Anyway. After taking the elixir, I noticed that the thickness in my throat (phlegm or inflammation?) has thinned! I told hubby this and he said that it could be psychological. I then told him to give it a try as he has started having cold symptoms. I told him that it was very tasty as well and since it's herbal there is no harm in trying (he wasn't allergic to the ingredients nor have alcohol problems). He spluttered and told me that it tasted like Sambuca! I didn't believe him at first until I started tasting other flavours. I'm not sure what Sambuca taste like but the elixir was very strong, albeit sweetened.

I think that the Elixir did help making my cold symptoms lighter, but you'll have to take it as per instructed throughout the course to get the full benefit, ideally as soon as the cold symptoms start. I was already quite sick when I started taking it, and the only thing that's still bothering me now is phlegm. Whether the Elixir helped with my flu, I can't really tell. But if you are suffering from cold or flu, and aren't keen in taking paraceptamol or Inbuprofen, then a herbal medicine with natural ingredients would be a good choice.

Like other syrup/ alcohol type of medicine, it is not suitable for children under 12 years old.