Thursday, 1 October 2015

What I am doing to Stay Younger for Longer

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Young people think that 25 is a turning point where one is officially "old". But when I reached 25, I didn't see or feel any difference. I still felt young, and my health was still good. There was no sign of wrinkles or sagginess, apart from what we call "smiling lines" next to the corner of our eyes and mouth. What can I do, I love a good laugh, so I see it as a sign of happiness. So basically, 25 felt like 20 to me.

Time flew by and soon I became 30. Now that is when I felt physically and mentally old! Maybe it was because I had a child (I haven't had Clay then), or I just wasn't being active enough. I felt drained, it took longer to recover from illness, and wrinkles seem that much more obvious!

As a mum, my natural instinct was to look after my children first, so I wasn't really bothered with how I looked. I had limited time and was so tired that I just wanted a quick fix, so I only used water to clean my face, then slapped on some moisturiser. It wasn't doing much to my skin, and it soon became dull looking (I already looked tired enough!).

When Clay became a bit more independent, my hormones changed and I started noticing myself more. That's when I finally said to myself: I want to look good again. I want to look at least my age if not younger (ideally younger), and I want to pamper myself a bit. After all, I've devoted my years to nourish my babies, surely it is okay to have a bit more me time?

So I started looking for products to add to my skincare routine (I couldn't rely on my old routine anymore because of some scare about the products), which currently include:

Cleansing (foam), cleansing (micellar water), essence, serum, skin booster, ampoule, moisturiser, spot treatment, eye cream, sun block and T-zone sebum free sun block (or oil for night). Plus the occasional moisturising/ treatment mask and exfoliation.

The good thing is that I'm not a picky person and love to try new things. So I've tried all sort of things for my face - from aloe vera and plant stem cell, to pig collagen, snail mucus and bee venom etc (they aren't as revolting because the products smell and feel nice), just to get back my youthful looking skin - hydrated, brightened, dewy and fresh. Like I've just came out from a spa. At the same time I also joined in the hunt for that magical potion that will take away (or lighten at least) my wrinkles and spots/ scars.

The search has certainly paid off and my skin is looking brighter and hydrated (although I'm still fighting with acne!). I don't have a baby's skin, and my wrinkles are still there (although definitely less obvious), but I'm quite happy with it. As for my ultimate enemy - acne? They are also called "youth spots" (because it affects 70-90% of teens), so you must be youthful to be still having them! Haha! Well, staying positive and be happy can do magic to your overall look too.