Saturday, 28 November 2015

Christmas Panic

*Laughs nervously*. Having finished my Christmas Gifts Guide, you would have thought that I'm very organised with my Christmas To Do list, and I have probably done all of the Christmas shopping already. Normally, yes I would have.

Normally, I would have finished the shopping by now, like many of you who have left a comment on the Christmas Giveaway (it's still open until Sunday the 6th December 2015 by the way. Do enter for a chance to win an additional gift for this Christmas, or even next!), and I would have already been talking to the family about meeting up and what to do for the Christmas dinner. I would even have started working on Christmas gifts for the teachers, with a name list to check through, etc. But this year, something has changed and my heart is skipping a beat every time I think of all the things that I still have to do for Christmas!

I just can't believe December has crept up on me and I'm now panicking because there is so much to be done and I haven't done many of them!

First, that Christmas shopping. I was hoping to grab some bargains, especially the Christmas gifts the kids asked for, during the Black Friday deals but that went out of the window. Just browsing through different websites gave me a headache, and I don't think that they are really that much cheaper than normal? The really good deals I was interested in appeared at the most awkward times for me as well, and I just don't have the time to keep checking for good deals or sit there at midnight fighting over a lightning deal. So that still needs doing, but then the kids told me that they want something else to add to the list (Santa won't like last minute orders you know?) The thing is, I only have until the 18th before the kids go off on holiday, so if I want to go out and shop without the kids around, I will have to do it quick.

I also need a final list of teachers, neighbours and family we are gifting to (this list grows by the year), and make another test batch for the gifts I'm giving to them (I just couldn't pick something easier to do could I).

And for some reason, I decided to make our own Christmas crackers this year (why?!) that needs putting together, and stuff our reusable advent calendar with pieces of a treasure map yet to be drawn (must remember to get the treasure as well...). And! There is the research for next year's trip as well, because the tickets for Summer holiday is going fast, and the longer I wait, the more expensive they seem to be!

The only thing I have done is shop for more Christmas decorations, which we already have plenty so it was a bit unnecessary, the materials for the gifts and Christmas crackers, and a couple of stocking fillers. I did plan ahead what to cook for our Christmas dinner (luckily it's just the 4 of us this year), although I can't really grab the ingredients until the week before. (Argh! The Yule Log I was going to bake this year too!)

It just feels so unorganised this year, and I really don't like it because I'm not the last minute kind of people. Hopefully it'll all be okay at the end!

How about you? Have you already finished your shopping, or are you like me, still have some last minute shopping to do? Why not let me know on the Christmas Giveaway post? I'm looking forward to see when majority start doing their Christmas shopping!