Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hey Duggee Toys

Hey Duggee, CBeebies preschool toy, Christmas for toddlers

Hey Duggee, CBeebies preschool toy, Christmas for toddlers

Hubby has got my PC half back! Fingers crossed it'll be fully functional and back to normal soon.

If you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook and/ or Twitter, you have probably seen Clay (and Abby!) "working" hard at earning his Hey Duggee* badges! He had a lot of fun answering the questions and doing funny actions like blowing raspberries, eating fruit and acting like a super hero!

People say "Work hard, Play hard", and he did that too with the fantastic Hey Duggee toys from Golden Bear!

* Hey Duggee is a preschooler programme currently showing on CBeebies. It's all about a group of animal children going on adventures, learning new things and earning their badges at The Squirrel's Club, lead by Duggee the dog. CBeebies have also launched the Hey Duggee magazine where children can participate in activities and earn their own badges!

Hey Duggee, CBeebies preschool toy, Christmas for toddlers

Hey Duggee, CBeebies preschool toy, Christmas for toddlers

Apart from the fun activties, we were sent Hey Duggee Woof Woof Duggee soft toy (RRP £22.99, suitable for 10months+; comes with 2 solid plastic badges) and Hey Duggee Squirrel Club playset (RRP £19.99, suitable for 3 years+) to play with.

Clay loves playing with both, but of course Woof Woof Duggee gets more love because he's so soft and cuddly! He also plays the Hey Duggee tune, and 3 phrases, all played by pressing the shaped badges on his chest. Battery is already included, so it'll be perfect to wrap up and put under the Christmas tree!

Initially I wanted to include Hey Duggee Woof Woof Duggee soft toy under my Christmas Gifts - Toys section, but I think that any soft cuddly toy, especially those from a child's favourite show, will make them really happy! So if your child loves Hey Duggee, have a look at Golden Bear's website for the Hey Duggee toys. They even do exclusive packs that you can only get from their website, such as the Squirrel Club playset but with the figurine pack bundle!

The Squirrel Club playset without the figurine bundle will still come with Duggee the dog, and furniture to play with. I would of course recommend the bundle that comes with the Squirrels so that your child can immediately jump into playing their favourite Hey Duggee scenes! Clay really love Duggee though, and the size is perfect for his little hands to play with. He likes the set so much he has been taking it with him to whichever room he wants/ needs to go to, and you can hear him woofing and talking, roleplaying away!

Each of the squirrel club member figurine is retailed at £4.99, and comes with their own badge, and you can get Roly, Tag and Betty with their badges in a pack for RRP £9.99 too (there are currently 5 squirrel club members to collect).

Both toys are fun, colourful, and I'm sure will make lovely Christmas presents!