Monday, 16 November 2015

The Christmas Dragon DVD

Since my PC has broken down (Friday the 13th night! And I thought I was safe..) and it will take some time to get it back up, I'll be writing from my phone. I am limited with what I can do but hopefully it's still readable!

Another show perfect for Christmas, although too scary and upsetting for my 2. The Christmas Dragon is about a group of orphans heading North to save Christmas, after a dying elf gave the main protagonist Ayden a magical crystal and told her that the North has lost its magic, but she might be able to help.

The movie has a strong Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring feel, iand I think kids who are alright to watch the last few movies in the Harry Potter series will enjoy this show too. However, there are upsetting scenes (bounty hunters and family splitting up), intense background music and very good makeup, so although it is a PG rated movie with a great adventure and happy ending, it can be too much for young children.

It is a shame because I think that the kids would have loved it if it wasn't for the odd upsetting scenes (I had to turn it off at around 2 minutes into the movie). The adventure is great, the dragon is adorable, there is a sense of righteousness, humour, the children are clever and mischievous, and there is Father Christmas, elves and magic!

I think my favourite part of the show is when the younger orphans used their tricks to defeat the clumpsy bad guys! You don't get kids like them nowadays!

The message to the audience are "believe to make it happen" (or something similar. Very much like the one from Rise of the Guardians), and "family and love is the most important thing". I couldn't agree more.

It really is a good show and I'll definitwly show it to the kids when they are older. The Christmas Dragon is out now on DVD and last a good enjoyable 103 minutes.