Friday, 18 December 2015

Giggles guaranteed - The Greedy Sheep and Elly Fountain Games

John Adams has released a couple of new games in time for Christmas to play, and I think they will be very popular amongst the little ones! Abby and Clay were certainly full of giggles, and they want to play them again soon! The games are:

The Greedy Sheep Game, which has won Toy Shop UK 2015 Independent Toys Award
Elly Fountain Game

Left: Fairly soft skin!
Right: sheep skin attaches to the body by a spring mechanism

The Greedy Sheep Game (RRP £22.99; suitable for 4 years plus, 2 to 4 players and require 2 x AA batteries) comes with the Greedy Sheep, 24 carrots, sheep skin, a grass stand and an instruction leaflet.

Players are to take turn to place a carrot from their pile on the grass stand in front of the Greedy Sheep and press his head down, which makes him eat the carrot. He will make munching noises, as well as "baa" (for the next player's turn), "hiccup" (for the current player to take another turn) or even farts!

The game ends when his "skin" flew off his body, and the winner is the one with the least carrots remaining.

Right: Sheep skin jumped off! Naked Sheep!
As we didn't see the advert before we played the game, we didn't realise that the sheep will fart. The kids couldn't stop giggling at it, and I have a feeling that they liked the game more because of those little trumping noises.

The kids really enjoyed the game and had a few go before I asked them to move on to play Elly Fountain. I like it that it takes a random amount of feeds before the sheep skin will go, so it's unpredictable, and I love how sturdy it is. Clay can press the sheep's head down with one hand on the sofa, and the sheep will stay put without tipping over.

The only thing we aren't sure of is his big mouth, which makes the otherwise really cute looking sheep look a bit bizarre!

Although we aren't here to compare the 2 games, we all enjoyed playing Elly Fountain more. Elly Fountain (RRP ££19.99; suitable for 4 years plus, 2-4 players, and requires water) comes with Elly the elephant with ears detached, a sticker sheet, 25 banana leaves, 9 splash tokens and an instruction leaflet.

To set up, attach the ears on the head, stick the stickers on the banana leaves and splash tokens, and fill the water vault on top of Elly's head with water.

Players take turn to face Elly, press her arm down to open her mouth and feed her a banana leaf. If there is no fruit sticker on the banana leaf, the current player will take another turn. When Elly sprays water at the player, the player can collect a splash token, and the player who collects 3 splash tokens first wins the game.

Abby:"Here! Have Elly closer to you!"
Oh Abby! Hahahaaa
The kids have wanted to play Elly Fountain as soon as they saw the box, probably because how cute Elly looks. Abby didn't realise there was water involved until later on, and regretted that she's signed up for it (she doesn't like water squirting at her face)! She did really wanted to play though, so took her cardigan off and even prepared tissues before the game started! At the end she used all sorts of tricks just to avoid being sprayed, which was hilarious to watch!

Initially I was a bit skeptical as well, but the spray was only small (it was a good spray, just not a crazy splash as we imagined), so it was really fun. Clay wasn't too bothered by the spray and kept his face in front of Elly throughout. The water was cold though so it did give us a little squeal each time!

The only problem we had was that Elly will tilt when you use one hand to press her arm down, because the arm is located on one side. The kids still managed and it didn't seem to bother them much (they were too busy watching out for squirts I guess!).

We also had fun emptying Elly's water vault by squirting at each other (mainly me squirting water at the kids).

The kids enjoyed playing both games, especially Elly Fountain. They have giggled through both, and I think it'll be even more fun if there are more players involved. The games are fairly short each round, and because there are constantly something happening in between (a fart or a squirt), it kept the games fun and the little ones entertained. I think both games will be great to play for little ones during Christmas!

If you are doing some more last minute shopping, do keep an eye out for them!