Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dilemma - Shall I wait for Last Minute Deals?

I've mentioned before that we are currently looking for air ticket deals to go to Hong Kong next Summer holiday. We haven't looked at it daily (Christmas is all over me!), but the prices changed every time we checked! There are also all the other things to consider - the airline, the fees, baggage allowance, etc, making me not able to put my foot down on a deal.

We used to go with the airline that we are most familiar with, but there was a really long waiting time at a stop between Hong Kong and UK, so by the time we got back, we were all fed up and the kids were irritable. Besides, we've heard some good reviews for a couple of unfamiliar airlines, so we wanted to look into them as well. On the other hand, we also want to avoid some reputable airlines because they seem to have taken it easy with their maintenance and customer service, and all those stories of annoyance has really put us off, so we  would rather not go with them for our peace of mind.

Baggage wise, the kids have now grown up and they have been needing their own luggage for the past few travels. To go to Hong Kong for about 3 weeks means that we will be bringing quite a lot of things, and since there will be less allowance for us (we used to take some of the children's allowance hehe), it'll be a new pain for us! In fact, just thinking of packing the luggage makes my head spin!

Anyway. Tickets. The best deal so far is just under £600 per person, including all the tax and fees. It's a bit too good to be true isn't it?! At that time of the year? I'm absolutely tempted, but again we are unfamiliar with the airline, so we are really thinking this over. Besides, I've recently found out that there ARE last minute deals in the UK, and they can be pretty decent too. So now we are over thinking things, and since the prices change all the time, we are wondering whether there will be an even better deal coming out? So we are now stuck with a dilemma - should we investigate the airline further and make a decision quickly, or should we wait until after the New Years, or even until April, for possibly better deals? Maybe going to places like Spain would be easier!

When it comes to spending big money like this, we always ended up thinking too much! I suppose it's normal, but I'm really not keen in dilemmas. I'm always the quick decision making type! Maybe I should just leave my husband to it...

Would you take up a possibly too good to be true deal now, or wait for a better deal from a trusted company to come by?