Monday, 28 December 2015


LEGO 2016 Release, LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS, LEGO Knights
This is the most relaxing Christmas holiday we are having, no hosting dinner, no visiting family, just the 4 of us chilling out. How about you? I hope you are having a lovely break as well before the new year starts.

I do have some exciting news for the LEGO fans that I want to share before the year ends though! LEGO has been busy preparing their new launches for 2016, starting with the brand new LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS range, and it sounds like they are more than a range of new playsets:
This is more than a story, more than a game, more than a toy ... THIS IS A NEW WAY TO PLAY!! – And a continuously UPGRADED play experience! 
Together with the range comes a free app LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOCK 2.0 that is available for download via Google Play, App Store, Samsung Apps and Amazon Appstore, where players can upgrade their battle skills by scanning shields obtained from the LEGO playsets to obtain awesome NEXO Powers for their digital power collection in the app.

The new LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS animated adventure comedy series will also be coming soon on Cartoon Network.

Before the official release of the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS playsets (Friday 1st of January 2016), I have some pictures of them to share with you!

LEGO 2016 Release, LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS, LEGO Knights

There are 6 LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Ultimate to collect, each RRP at £6.99. They are (Left, top to bottom) Ultimate Clay (I'm sure Clay will be excited to know about him!), Ultimate Macy, Ultimate Lavaria, and (right, top to bottom) Ultimate AaronUltimate Beast Master and Ultimate Robin.

Each of them comes with 3 NEXO Power shields to be used in the free app!

LEGO 2016 Release, LEGO NEXO Knights, LEGO KNIGHTS

Playsets wise, there is The Fortrex (RRP £79.99), which is a 2-in-1 rolling castle. The walls can be folded out and it comes with 5 NEXO Power shields. It looks like it's going to come with quite a few LEGO mini figures too!

LEGO 2016 Release, LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS, LEGO Knights
Left: Clay's Rumble Blade      Right: Beast Masters' Chaos Chariot
I think Clay is going to love Clay's Rumble Blade (RRP £29.99), because of his name and it's a very cool looking vehicle, with very attractive colour combination too! I'm really interested in the Beast Masters' Chaos Chariot (RRP £24.99) because of how unique it looks! It sounds like he's a bad guy though.

Clay's Rumble Blade comes with 3 NEXO Power shields and the Beast Masters' Chaos Chariot 2.

The initial launch comes with 8 LEGO playsets, and I'm sure there will be more added to the range. It's definitely something to look forward to!

On a side note, have you watched Inside LEGO at Christmas on Channel 4? It was awesome, but now the kids want a trip to the LEGO HQ hehe! A new goal for us!

If I don't speak to you before, have an amazing New Year!

Angela x