Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sleepy People's Pillow Selector

latex pillow, pillow selector, SleepyPeople

There are a lot of things that we are happy to stick to. Some will call it a Holy Grail (HG) item, because it's just so perfect for you that you don't need to try anything else. We have found many HGs in the years, but there are so many more that we need to seek, and the perfect pillow is one of them.

We used to buy a pillow at least once a year, and sometimes we have to buy one 3 months after the previous one, because the quality varies so much, and expensive doesn't necessarily mean good. We are currently using a Waterbase pillow, which has a pocket of water underneath the polyester layer. It is the best pillow we have tried so far, but it's still not perfect because the polyester layer will still fall apart (though not as bad as other ones that just balls up in the corners), you do have to adjust the air and water inside every so often, and it's quite heavy (I have 5Ltrs of water in mine) so we can't really bring it with us when we visit our families (we always bring our own beddings to save them the trouble).

Recently, the people from Sleepy People contacted me regarding their pillow selector on their website. It basically asks you a few questions, and then choose the most suitable pillows from their selection based on your answers. I gave it a go and it gave me 2 options - a gel pillow and a latex pillow. The lovely PR has offered me an opportunity to review one of my choices, and I went for the gel pillow because the design sounded very similar to the Waterbase pillow. They however have a gel layer on top of the polyester layer instead. I was hoping that it will be the HG pillow I was looking for.

It was unfortunate that they went out of stock when the PR tried to source it for me (it's back in stock if you are interested). So although it targets something different (gel pillow for cooling your head and neck, where as the latex is suitable for back and side sleepers), we went for the latex option instead.

latex pillow, pillow selector, SleepyPeople

latex pillow, pillow selector, SleepyPeople

latex pillow, pillow selector, SleepyPeople

We were sent the Sealy Posturepedic Optimal Latex Pillow (£69.99; other price ranged pillows are available as well) to try, which is made from premium natural and vented latex inner, and soft and luxury poly cover. It is said that it is highly responsive, and moulds to the contours of your head and neck while you are sleeping. It also comes with a 3 years warranty.

I like it that the pillow is firm and kept its shape. It was comfortable, but unfortunately it was a bit too low for me. I also like to have part of my face sink into a soft pillow, but because the pillow is so supportive, it kept my head propped up.

As Abby has the same result as I did, I let her have a go. She said that the pillow was good and it kept her face and head on top. She also noted that the pillow doesn't split to into balled up pieces inside, which get pushed to one side. However, it was a bit too high for her, and she actually prefers her pillow being lumpy bumpy!

Oh well. We still appreciate the opportunity to try an otherwise good pillow.

Pillow aside, I think that the Pillow Selector is a very handy tool for people like me who aren't sure which pillow to choose from, from  a wide range of variety. We wouldn't have tried a latex pillow if it wasn't for the selector, so that really helps.

Why don't you give it a go as well and see what type of pillow will suit you?