Wednesday, 27 January 2016

January Blues and the Love of Art and Crafts Rediscovered

Planner Spread, Kikki K, Websters' Pages
Hirameki review to follow
How is everyone doing this January? It's been one of the bluest month for me for a while, and although I've set up 2 planners to help me this year (a small one as my food diary and for travel, and the big one for everything else), things aren't really going as well as I've hoped. Maybe it's because I'm not one who likes to plan everything in my life, so things has suddenly become a bit too routine and repetitive for me, and it has kind of put Joy in the background (Have you seen Inside Out yet? It's such a fantastic animation that explains our emotions!). Hopefully next month onward this feeling will go and replaced by feeling motivated.

Although things are a bit gloomy at the moment, I've rediscovered my love for all things arty and crafty. I was never really good at them mind you, so don't worry about me attempting to turn myself into a craft or even a planner blogger. But I have always loved doing them, whether it is colouring, sketching, or making things (actually I'll be happy just looking at a box of pastels, my favourite colouring tool). I even picked up my dad's skill in making jewellery (maybe I should pick it up again).

So, decorating my planners and making little things for it has kept me going this month, although nothing much gets done really apart from looking after my family the usual way (lots of cooking, providing clean clothes and maybe a clean and tidy house, etc).

DIY stickers, DIY Paperclips, DIY Inserts

I've even found some positive quotes to remind myself to stay positive. Perhaps listing things to look forward to might help as well?

Chinese New Year Eve's Dinner
(After moving to the UK, the best part of this tradition is the dinner for us)

Abby's birthday celebration
We have got something exciting booked for Abby, hope she'll love it!

Spring Half Term

Easter Half Term
I feel like a student who is always looking forward to school holidays

My birthday meal
Maybe we won't have our annual sushi meal. Brazilian BBQ would be amazing too

Me and Hubby's 10 years Anniversary celebration *love*
We are going to stay a night at the hotel that we got married at and do a swim and dine too!

Clay's first birthday party
He's having a lot of opinions about it at the moment (and it's not until May!). Let's hope that he'll love it

Summer Holiday
Although I'll have to remind myself to think about all the good things (amazing food, great company, cute accessories to get for the kids and myself.....) and shut the negatives out (mosquitoes, 40C suffocating heat, whining kids about the heat, 40C suffocating heat...).

It's going to be a great holiday.

There is quite a bit to look forward to for us this year, and with it being our 10th anniversary, it is a very special year too so I'd love to celebrate it with happiness that fills me up until I'm about to burst! Fingers crossed.

To all those who are having a gloomy January as well, let's hope it ends with January 31st and we can get our happiness back x