Friday, 29 January 2016

Something Gross the Kids Might Like

Fungus Amungus, gross toys, jelly toys

Fungus Amungus, gross toys, jelly toys

Last week we've received a parcel that comes with a lab gear and a big warning message. If we weren't prewarned about receiving this from the PR, I think I would have chucked it out of the house, in case a foul green smoke pops out from the box and stained my whole body (permanently!) with it.

But we were warned. Well, I was. The kids weren't. So when I told Abby to gear up, she fired a chain of questions until she saw what it was about.

Fungus Amungus, gross toys, jelly toys

Her first reaction was quite funny, it was a mix of being grossed out, curious and want to investigate but thought it's too weird to get near it, all within a split second. I wish I have filmed it! After all the pictures were taken, she and Clay went ahead to experiment on them. There was a lot of stretching, euwing, ooing and giggling involved.

So what are these gross germy things that gets kids excited about them?

Fungus Amungus, gross toys, jelly toys

Fungus Amungus, gross toys, jelly toys
Right: (From left to right) Fang, Mouldy Blighter and Drip Drop

They are called Fungus Amungus by Vivid Toys Group, which are the new collectible toys that are kind of gross looking, wriggly, sticky, stretchy and squishy. The first batch comes with 35 Funguys and 2 Special Funguys, and price starts at around £2.50 (for 2 that comes in the yellow container on the top left picture). They are targetted for children between 4 to 7 years old.

I really like the animation they did for the range, you can find them here:

Fungus Amungus Promotion
Fungus Amungus Episode 1: Tropical Fever 

Although the original Fungus Amungus are less colourful, there are the Superbugs as well that comes with more colour. I would love to have the one in the promotion video though, with it's translucent yellow and blue colour! In fact, I think we actually do have him (the light blue one)?

Anyway, no matter what we parents think about these little Funguys, kids tend to get attracted to weird yucky things, and I have a feeling that the Fungus Amungus will be very popular!