Friday, 5 February 2016

A Year after the Move

It has been over a year now since we have moved to our new home. Although we feel like we have settled down, and the kids have gradually stopped talking about our previous house (they really miss it even though there was less space to play), there is still a lot to do.

We have planned how the garden should look like, but we haven't done anything else about it. Now that the garden has been well soaked by the rain, which has killed a big patch of grass and turned it into a muddy field, I think it's time for us to get on with paving at least half the garden before Summer comes.

We can also do with painting the whole house, as the house only came with a base coat, which wears off easily. With all the furniture around, it seems like a chore to paint one room, let alone the whole house!

I guess that's just an excuse isn't it? So many of you have done exactly that, so surely I can do it too. I'll make it this year's resolution to paint the house room by room, since I'm in an arty crafty mood anyway (let's hope it doesn't wear off anytime soon)! I do wish it was easier and we could paint the house before we have moved in though, but we only had a few days to move out from our previous house and straight into the new one.

Looking back at that time, we were quite lucky that we could do a part exchange, because selling your home is a very stressful thing to do. You have to sort everything out in the house that you are no longer staying in so that it is good enough to sell, then you have to endure all the criticism from potential buyers who are trying to bring the price down. If you have neighbours who are trying to sell as well, it gives you even more pressure because their house might worth more but they might sell it for cheaper than than you. Then, when you do sell, you'll still have to give a big cut to the agency who is helping you sell, whether you are making a profit or not.

With our current house, I don't think another part exchange is possible though, but we really love it here so hopefully this is it. Which means putting more effort into maintaining the house and making it look pretty!

I have mentioned that I'm in a planning mode since January, so I'm going to add "Furbishing Home" into my planner. It includes moving 1/2 of the toys out of the house! It's probably going to be the biggest challenge this year because the kids tend to cling onto toys they no longer play when it's time to get rid of them! Why?!