Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Geronimo Partners with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens

Disclaimer: I combined the images together for this post
We are counting down to the days until Geronimo Festival in May! It really isn't that long to go, because for us,  it's after:

Easter Bank Holiday
School's Half Term Holiday (ours is split from Easter bank holiday this year, yay!)
My Birthday
Me and Hubby's 10 years Anniversary
May Day Holiday - Geronimo Festival at Harewood House
Clay's Birthday

and then our visit to Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park during Spring Bank Holiday!

I did our countdown this way because it makes life much more interesting, don't you think?

If you haven't bought a ticket yet, here is another reason why you should. Geronimo Festival is partnering with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens this year, which was launched in January 2015 to raise money for research specifically into cancers affecting children, teens and young adults. The charity hopes to better understand these cancers and find kinder treatments and cures.

And you can help them by having fun at Geronimo Festival! They have an optional donations on tickets, the Geronimo Festival Kids & Teens VIP Area, merchandise, bucket collections and a clothes drive on site to help raise money. All funds raised during the year will be donated to Kids & Teens.

Several bloggers including me also have family tickets available through our blog competitions, here are the links:

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Don't forget to enter! You can still support Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens by being at the festival.