Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Mobile Game - Ronnie The Rooster for Easter 2016

Mobile Game, Game App, Easter Game 2016

Here is a game to look forward to this Easter! If you like games like Angry Birds, you should definitely look out for Ronnie the Rooster on Android, iOS and the web version (Google Chrome for a better experience). I was given the opportunity to take part of playing the beta version, and although I have over 40 levels to play with unlimited lives, I'm already being challenged at wave 15, argh!

Here are some teasers to show you what the game is like:

Mobile Game, Game App, Easter Game 2016
First few waves allow players to get used to the game play
Mobile Game, Game App, Easter Game 2016
Wave completion. The more stars you get, the sooner you'll get a higher level trophy
Mobile Game, Game App, Easter Game 2016
Left: Ronnie fell down the hole!
Ronnie is a super adorable little rooster who is a little bit chubby and eager to go on an adventure. He loves his corns and tries to collect every single one of them on his way, but there are a lot of obstacles, including pot holes, rocks, (these roads require serious maintenance!) mud puddle that makes him skid, and dangerous animals that would love a chubby rooster for dinner!

Players are to maneuver Ronnie (No jumping. Nope. You can't make him jump. I wish he can to make it easier haha) while he's on the move to avoid all the obstacles. The first few waves are fairly easy to let the players get used to the game play. It gets trickier in later stages, and Ronnie will sometimes speed up as well to make it more difficult.

The game is young children friendly (Ronnie will only go poof and disappear into a puff of feathers after hitting a rock, or get stuck in a hole. I'm not sure what will happen when he meets the fox though, but I'm sure it'll be similar to when he hits a rock), graphics is adorable and music is really cheerful.

Mobile Game, Game App, Easter Game 2016
Missing all the corns because of getting intimidated by the number of holes. This road require serious road work!
Right: Passed after several attempts!
Here is an image of the wave I was struggling with. It took me a good several attempts to get passed this level, but I missed out on a lot of corns! So it's good to collect as many corns as possible in earlier stages when it's still easy. When you've earned enough experience points (the more stars you get for each wave the sooner you'll hit the level up mark), you'll get a higher level trophy as a reward for levelling up. I received a golden egg at the end of wave 14, but you can definitely get it earier!

Mobile Game, Game App, Easter Game 2016
You can get more lives by buying them or get them free by doing certain simple tasks
Players are given 5 lives to start with. I'm not sure if you'll gain more lives gradually (such as getting one after 30 minutes, or it'll replenish after a day) as the version I was playing was still in Beta testing, but players can definitely earn lives by doing things like watching the advert or sharing the game on social media.

Players can also buy lives from the shop.

Mobile Game, Game App, Easter Game 2016
What you can expect from further waves (the foxes aren't my main concern.. how DO you get pass all that?!)
Right: Who said trophy has to stop at Gold?
As I haven't gone far in the game, I haven't met any obstacles other than holes, rocks and mud puddles (you can run through it but it will make you run off your planned course). Luckily Shaun, the creator of Ronnie the Rooster, has posted some pictures on social media, so I can share with you what the fox will look like. Erm, something to look forward to?!

Abby and Clay both had a go at the game, and they both love how cute it is. Some comments from them are:

"Awwwww look at that fat chicken!" (It's a rooster)
*laughs* "Why is he rushing into a rock!"
(Both laughs out loud when Ronnie fell into a hole)

However, Abby struggles a bit to get pass wave 5. She was very eager to try though!

I do think that, although it's children friendly and young children (before and including early KS2) will find it attractive and fun to play, the game will be more playable for those slightly older, and I'm sure the adults will love the challenge too! It's a very good game to practise children's motoring skill though, and the kids have been going back to playing similar games over and over again, so Ronnie the Rooster is definitely a keeper.

It is currently advertised that it will have over 50 levels, and we can expect it to release in time for this Easter. You can take a look at the trailer here, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and/ or Instagram for updates.