Friday, 18 March 2016

Beyond Beyond (DVD)

Beyond Beyond, teach children how to cope with death, Easter 2016 animation

I was quite glad that Clay was too young to understand the story behind the colourful 3D animation that has moments of humour - Beyond Beyond, and Abby didn't quite get what the mysterious island represents. So they both enjoyed the film just like they did with other animation that also have sad moments, although as an adult, I think that it could be a bit too unsettling for some children.

Beyond Beyond is the first stereoscopic 3D animated film that is produced in Sweden, and is based on a traditional Scandinavian folk tale. It is aimed for children 7 to 10 years old, and tells them about losing and coming to terms with the absence of a loved one through Johan the little rabbit's adventure to find his mum, who was very sick and was suddenly taken away by the Feather King.

The kids find the story a bit too sad, especially when it is related to parent and child not able to stay together. I'm not really sure how much they understood, or if they have accepted the ending, but it would probably be the same way we would explain things I guess, as we have been telling them something similar when our pet hamsters died, about how they went to Hammyland and have unlimited space and yummy seeds to enjoy, and how they finally met up with our previous hamsters. They were still sad and they miss their hamsters, but are also ready to move on.

It's obviously not the same when it comes to your own parents, but the kids haven't been acting any different towards us (eg. becoming more clingy or saying that they will stay with us forever) after watching it.

Overall it's a lovely animation with beautiful graphics, but it' up to the parents whether they would like to show it to their children. The PG film Beyond Beyond will be out on Monday 21st March on DVD and digital download, retailing at RRP£9.99.