Wednesday, 9 March 2016

British Pie Week - Meat, Potato and Vegetables I Needed to Clear Pie

British Pie Week, Lattice Pie, Meat and Potato Pie Recipe

British Pie Week, Lattice Pie, Meat and Potato Pie Recipe

This pie was absolutely scrumptious if I say so myself! And it looks fancy, don't you think? Okay maybe the edges weren't very tidy because I was in a rush. But it's so easy to put together because it's a cheat pie, so I can cook this even on a busy week night. I'm all up for making everything from scratch including the puff pastry, but sometimes it's better to let the brands help.

As it's British Pie Week, Jus-Rol has sent us vouchers so we can participate without the extra fuss in making the pastry ourselves. We have used their pastry sheets and blocks in a lot of occasion, but my favourite Jus-Rol product is their real butter pastry:

British Pie Week, Lattice Pie, Meat and Potato Pie Recipe

The fact that it takes so many steps and trouble to make a puff pastry, I really don't mind paying for this. And it's made with real butter, so you get all the yummy taste without the fuss (nor the need to see how much butter you put in the pastry hehe).

The sheet isn't quite the right shape for my heart shape stoneware, so I ended up making a lattice pattern, which actually made the pie look better! And I have spare pastry to make pastry sticks as well to serve on the side. I didn't have time to weave the pattern though because the pastry sheet started to melt as soon as I placed them on the hot filling.

Anyway. We made a Meat and Potato pie because I needed to clear the potatoes and vegetables. The only thing that got picked out were the courgettes (skin bits only, I bet the kids didn't even taste it but the look of it made them pick them out), and I don't think they even noticed the parsnips inside (they love Sweetheart cabbage so no complains there), so I think I did pretty well!

I cheated with the gravy as well, which was just gravy granules and butter to make it yummier. I never make my own gravy because I can never get real gravy taste like the granule ones, which I prefer. I should really work on this, but for a busy week night when comfort food is called for, this pie is perfect.

If you are interested, here is a rough recipe. Ingredients are estimated, just keep testing the flavour to get it to your liking.

British Pie Week, Lattice Pie, Meat and Potato Pie Recipe

British Pie Week, Lattice Pie, Meat and Potato Pie Recipe


- Packet of Pork (we love pork shoulder meat as they are really tender, just need to trim off the bigger chunk of fat), diced

- Potatoes, Onion, Root Vegetables, Courgettes, Sweetheart Cabbage or anything that you need to clear, diced

- Boiled Water

- Herbs (Parsley is very versatile because the taste is very subtle but adds a lovely colour to dishes)

- Salt, pepper and chicken stock to taste

- Gravy granules and butter (it makes the gravy creamier and enhance the flavour too)

- Jus-Rol pastry sheet, kept in the fridge


- Heat a saute pan/ casserole dish/ cast-iron dish or whichever is large enough and suits you with a bit of oil, fry the onions until soft, then brown the meat, together with chicken stock and herbs (I like to add these early to get the flavour into the meat).

- Stir in the potatoes and root vegetables (those that takes longer to soften), add water until it reaches half way of the stew, then cover and cook for approximately 10 minutes on a low fire.

- Stir in the rest of the vegetables that cooks within minutes, and cover for another 5 minutes.

- Gradually add the gravy granules (about a tablespoon a time), until you are happy with the colour and taste (taste often). Don't forget the knob of butter. Adjust the taste further with salt and pepper (although with instant gravy you won't really need it)

- Pour the stew into an ovenproof dish (or skip this step if your dish is already ovenproof).

- Remove the pastry from the fridge, and remove all the packaging. Turn the oven on based on the pastry's packaging instructions (it should be 220C/ 200C Fan, but do check).

- Depending on how big your dish is, either place the whole sheet on top of the pie, or slice them into strips and place them criss cross onto the pie, or you can even bake the pastry separately in any shape you like to serve it on the side.

- Bake until it puffs up (if you are using puff pastry) and turns golden.

- Enjoy!

British Pie Week, Lattice Pie, Meat and Potato Pie Recipe
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