Thursday, 10 March 2016

Crayola Adult Colouring Range

Crayola colouring, adult colouring, markers and pencils

Celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, Crayola has launched a beautiful and exciting range, this time for the adults, aka me!

Adult colouring books has been a big hit since last year, even I have one, but it's really exciting to see the beautiful design from Crayola's Adult Colouring range. After flipping through the colouring book filled with pages designed by Hallmark's artists and seeing the newly designed markers, I'm really glad that I got the opportunity to review them!

I was sent:

Crayola Patterned Escapes Colouring Book (80 unique colouring pages; RRP £9.99 each)
Crayola 12 Delicate Fine Line Markers (RRP £4.49)
Crayola 50 pack of Pencils (RRP £11.49)

Crayola colouring, adult colouring, markers and pencils

Crayola colouring, adult colouring, markers and pencils

The paper quality of Crayola's colouring book is beautiful! I love that it's actually white and not cream, so the colours, even from the pencils, comes out brilliantly. Markers will seep through to the back if you press a bit too hard or colour over the same area too many times, however the back of the pages are blank so it won't affect other designs, AND! You can tear the pages off easily along the dotted lines too, so you can always colour it on another surface. You can then frame your artwork, or even use it for paper crafting!

I also love that there is a mix of bold and delicate designs. My other colouring book only have delicate, fine detailed designs, and sometimes I just want a bigger area or bold patterns to do easy colouring, so this book is better at that. They also have geometric shapes you can see in the following images.

Crayola colouring, adult colouring, markers and pencils
I'm not very good at doing gradients with markers hehe
The black design for the markers! I absolutely love it, and they aren't going anywhere near the kids' stationery corner because these are mine. The colour contrast of the black and the lids is just stunning don't you agree?

There is no question regarding Crayola markers' performance either, these fine tips are really fine, perfect for me to use to write, and to colour in more detailed areas in the colouring book. It might take a few more strokes to colour in bigger areas, but I can always borrow the kids Crayola markers (yes I can borrow theirs.).

Crayola colouring, adult colouring, markers and pencils

Crayola colouring, adult colouring, markers and pencils

We have a lot of Crayola colouring pencils, and these, apart from the outer box, are basically the same as the original Crayola colouring pencils. I think you can get the same 50 colours with the original packaging, although I'd say that this packaging is much prettier!

Thing is, I got really excited because we've never went for the 50 colours packs, so we don't have a lot of these colours, which are absolutely beautiful! I love the pastels and the metallics especially! Again, it's a brilliant Crayola quality pencils, and they colour really well:

Crayola colouring, adult colouring, markers and pencils

I love this page I've coloured, what do you think? They also have other colouring books in the range, so do check them out.

Colouring is good for destressing, and putting beautiful colours together brightens up the day too, you should definitely give it a go, even a 5 mins session helps.

You can buy Crayola's Adult Colouring range now in all good stationery and craft stores,