Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Fashion 2016 - Pantone Serenity and Rose Quartz

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Have you heard? This year the leading colour expert Pantone has set the colour trend to the beautiful Serenity blue and Rose Quartz pink, to bring a touch of peace and hope back to this world. The colours are absolutely beautiful, and they are perfect for this Spring too.

Spring is the time when I just feel like doing something to cheer myself up, and I'm sure that applies to many of you too. So planning for holidays is high on the To Do list, as well as restocking the wardrobe for these occasions.

Although I'm not one who is particular with brand, occasionally, very occasionally, I'd like to splash out a bit for something that is absolutely a favourite. Seeking this item is very difficult for me because I don't have time to visit each store (it's a bit intimidating for me as well especially if I leave the store without buying anything!), nor do I want to limit myself to high end department store products. Internet is definitely my friend, but again I don't have time to visit each website to find that one item I'd like to splash out on.

It's good to be a blogger because we are constantly being introduced to new things, so I was really glad that I get to know, because they are exactly what I need: a one stop fashion shop where you can browse all the luxury fashion goods, including a sale section that points out what these brands have on offer (some are at 50 to 70% off!).

So, sticking to the Pantone theme, I found these products (within half an hour, the beauty of Lyst!) that I really really like (from top to bottom, left to right):

Katya Kovtunovich Princess Blue Beach Dress
Freda Salvador Haze Mid Heel Chelsea Boots in Nude Buffed Calf
Valentino Rockstud Mini Leather Tote in Rose Water and Sky Sorbet
ASOS Pack of 2 Soft Flower Hair Clips
Tateossian Double Wrap Slim Scoubidou Jr Bracelet in Light Blue Leather with Silver Clasp 
Coast Ladder Edge Scarf in Blush

I listed both of the Valentino bags because they are equally stunning! I just love the 2 colours, and mixing the 2 in one outfit actually works without reminding me of baby cute, which is cute don't get me wrong, but not wearable for me.

The good news is, not all of the items carry a high end price! I can use my budget carefully and splash out on 2 or even 3 items if I want. Although I'm leaning towards the boots or the bag. Ahh, decisions decisions.

How do you find this year's colours - Serenity and Rose Quartz? Do you have a preference?