Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hotel Chocolat Easter Bunnies and Eggs

Hotel Chocolat, Easter Chocolate, Easter Bunnies and Eggs

I especially love Spring this year, because it feels like the gloomy weather is finally behind us (touch wood. Ehem). If there isn't enough snow, Winter weather just doesn't seem that worth it. The brighter days, Spring colours and children's laughter outside really cheers us up, so we feel more motivated to do things for Easter (that's how we celebrate Spring).

We have already been busying ourselves by making our own Easter decorations for the living room, which we normally don't do, and baking Chocolate Oatmeal cookies eggs and nests. We've also started eating Easter chocolates too, as Hotel Chocolat has kindly sent us their cute Easter Dozen Quail Egglets and Caramel Bunny Selector to review. How I wish I am a bit more selfish and kept them all to myself!

I did try to save them for Easter, but the kids have spotted them and couldn't stop asking for them. They refused to wait for Easter because "we'll have giant Easter chocolate eggs for Easter right? And you are reviewing these, so we should eat them now for you". Right.

Anyway. I chose the egglets and bunnies from an amazing selections because they are brilliant for sharing. There are 6 x 2 of each flavours in the cute Quail Egglets box, and 6 molten caramel (soo dreamy) filled bunnies in the bunny selector, so we each get a good share of yummy chocolates in different flavours. They looked exceptionally cute when they are being held in little hands too, but then I had a moment of struggle:

"Wha.. you don't put the whole egglet in your mou..."
*looks at cute, innocent and very satisfied face*
"Nevermind. Don't worry about it. Is it yummy?"

Hotel Chocolat, Easter Chocolate, Easter Bunnies and Eggs

Hotel Chocolat, Easter Chocolate, Easter Bunnies and Eggs

Ideally they learn how to enjoy the amazing flavours and textures properly when it comes to enjoying gourmet chocolate, but they looked so happy. At least they can tell the difference between Hotel Chocolat chocolates and supermarket available ones "Ooo! Is that Hotel Chocolat chocolates? Can I can I?!"

Hotel Chocolat has an amazing Easter selection, from small to gigantic, Selectors (their 3 or more for £3.15 per pack) to gift sets, if you are looking for something special this Easter, I'd definitely recommend them.