Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Geronimo Festival this Weekend! All about the Food

Geronimo Festival 2016, May Bank Holiday to do, Family Day Out
A few more days to go for those who are going to the Geronimo Festival at Harewood House! It's so exciting! Have you planned your day yet? Don't forget to keep an eye on the weather, it's suppose to be dry and even sunny, but it might still be chilly, and with our British weather, you might even get snow or hailstone, so be extra prepared!

Food wise, we brought a picnic one year at a family festival, but we had a pushchair then. It was our last time to bring a picnic because we aren't one for hauling the bag around when the kids couldn't resist running off to the next attraction! There are definitely plenty of places for you to enjoy your picnic, but if you are like us and prefer to splash out a bit at the festival, I have a list of food stalls that will be at the Geronimo Festivals. So why not take a look and see if there is something you'll fancy?

The Burger
- gourmet burgers and triple cooked chips
- homemade ketchup, roasting and pureeing garlic for their homemade mayonaise, caramelising their onions to a rich sweet golden colour for perfect flavour

Duke's Pizza
- Made on site straight out of a 1972 Dodge Tradesman traditional wood fired oven in under 2 minutes

- Authentic Dutch company serving Dutch mini pancakes, Belgian waffles and crazy milkshakes
- toppings includes Oreo, Cadbury Fudge, Nutella and classic lemon and sugar

Note: When we were brought up in Holland, we used to eat Poffertjes with butter and a good dusting of icing sugar. In my opinion that's still the best way! Why not give our traditional way a try?

- Meals made fresh every day from Yorkshire free range meat and locally sourced ingredients
- Menu lists every ingredient included in each dish
- No salt and sugar added to any of their food
- Brand new children's menu, including Italian meatballs, sweet potato mash with homemade chipotle beans and mozzarella, wholewheat flatbreads, fresh fruit smoothies, etc

Mezani Grill
- Kenyan street food! (I'm so going to try this!)

Castaway Kitchen
- Mediterranean street food
- flatbreads filled to bursting with a range of meat, vegetarian and vegan delights combined with fresh salad of tomatoes, red onion, lettuce and Tzatziki, all locally sourced from the best local suppliers

The Fabulous Fish Finger Company
- Gourmet fish finger sandwiches with a focus on fantastic quality products
- Majority of ingredients sourced locally and ethically, with accompanying home-made sauces including wasabi mayonaise and tartare, soft doughy bread made by local bakers
- Solly the Seagull's kids boxes

Sno Fro
- Authentic Hawaiian shave ice
- made of finely shaved ice with an exotic choice of flavours, served in a pretty flower cup

Smoothie Mania
- Wide range of juices and smoothies with no added sugar, no syrups and are made from 100% fruit
- Gluten and dairy free
- Made on the spot

There are certainly a lot of choices there, and plenty of healthy ones too! I'd love to have triple cooked chips from The Burger, something from the Mezani Grill and Castaway Kitchen, checking out the Poffertjesking for dessert and Sno Fro! And if Smoothie Mania have avocado and banana, I'll be up for that as well! (Well what can I say, food is important to foodies, even if it's not the main attraction!)

I can't wait for the end of May when it's our turn to go to the Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park! For those who are going this weekend to Harewood House, fingers crossed for good weather and have a great time!