Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Holiday Break in The Lakes

The Lakes, Easter Holiday, What to do in The Lakes
Derwent Water, The Lakes
With the Easter holiday and better weather, I have the urge to go somewhere for a short break (even though we should really be saving up for our Summer holiday). We can definitely do with embracing the nature, and since we haven't been to The Lakes for a while, it is probably time to visit again.

While looking through our photo album, I found some pictures of our trip to The Lakes from years ago. We had family from abroad visiting, and we toured pass The Lakes. The weather was a bit like what we are having now, a bit chilly but dry and sunny. We had an amazing time then, and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.

I thought I'll compile some activities we did at The Lakes here for my own reference, and to show you what there is to do around the lake district. It's not just about the scenery and hiking!

The Lakes, Easter Holiday, What to do in The Lakes

Windermere is the South-most lake. It's quite near where we live so we visit it occasionally during our day trips. It's a very famous tourist area, probably because it is where the World of Beatrix Potter Attraction is.

Our first stop to Windermere is always the pier where lots of swans and birds frequent and walk amongst us. They are magnificent creatures, and it's an exciting experience especially for the kids, just be cautious as they can get a bit "too friendly" when there is bread involved. Amazing pictures are guaranteed though! 

The Lakes, Easter Holiday, What to do in The Lakes
Beatrix Potter
The Lakes, Easter Holiday, What to do in The Lakes

The Lakes, Easter Holiday, What to do in The Lakes
Tea set from the cafe inside the attraction
The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction:

You can walk from Windermere Pier to the World of Beatrix Potter Attraction. It's not Beatrix Potter's actual house (Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Museum is in Cumbria), but a really well planned attraction featuring models from Beatrix Potter's stories. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter, so it's especially worth visiting the attraction. You can find our full review in the above purple link. 

The Lakes, Easter Holiday, What to do in The Lakes
Lakeland Ltd (Image courtesy of TripAdvisor)

With Windermere being a tourist town, there is plenty of things you can buy, whether it's Beatrix Potters souvenirs or 100% cashmere clothing. There is also Lakeland's headquarter and biggest store in the whole UK! If you like Lakeland's products (baking, kitchenware, local produce and other household goods, etc), you can't not visit their largest store. The building is well designed, spacious, and there is a LOT of products in store. They also have a cafe located upstairs, so you can really spend hours in the store if you want. 

The Lakes, Easter Holiday, What to do in The Lakes
Derwent Water, near Keswick
Derwent Water:

Further North from Windermere is Derwent Water. It's much less crowded, so if you like to really embrace nature, enjoy Lord of the Rings kind of scenery, you can visit Derwent Water or the other lakes.

We were on our way to Keswick and decided to stop over to check it out. There was a playground next to the car park, and a little gate leading to the hill right next to it. The view was stunning, and you can even spot the house in the middle of the lake on Derwent Isle. There are a few islands on Derwent Water so you might see something different depending on which side you are visiting from.

The goats (I think there were goats?!) won't bother people unless you started to walk towards them. Even though they looked like they were minding their own business, they were definitely keeping an eye on us!

The Lakes is a big area, and what we have done there were hardly anything. We'd definitely consider staying for at least 2 nights next time and go around another way so that we can see the rest of it. Last time we stopped over at an inn in Keswick, but I'd love to make the next trip a bit more special, so maybe we will stay in a hotel with swimming pool and sauna/ spa equipment (I so need it!) such as the Langdale Hotel & Spa near Elterwater:

Langdale Hotel & Spa (image from their official website)

Best Western Ambleside Salutation Hotel (image from their official website)

After ooo-ing and ahhh-ing, I had to do a reality check because I doubt that these hotels will be a good idea when we have our 2 little monkeys with us, but there is Haven's Lakeland holiday park in Lakeland as well, which I think will be perfect for a family with young and/ or active children to keep them entertained as well:

Haven's Lakeland holiday park (image from their official website)
Here's a thought!

There is a lot more to do in the Lakes than we know, but I can definitely recommend the above places that we have been.

How are you spending the rest of your Easter holiday?