Monday, 30 May 2016

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag, bank holiday, astronaut animation

I'm really excited to introduce you to what we think is a must watch animation this half term - Capture the Flag (PG rating)! It's out today (Monday 30th May 2016) on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD, and we've already seen it a couple of times because it's that good! Hubby said that he hasn't enjoyed a good animation like this for a while!


12-year-old Mike Goldwing's grandfather Frank was an astronaut who missed out on the famous Apollo 11 mission (moon landing mission) and has since distanced himself from his family. Mike's father became an astronaut as well, but when the opportunity came to go to the moon again (a billionaire plans to fly to the moon to prove that the moon landing was a hoax, so the US Government had to send a team up to protect the legacy), he got injured.

To break the "family curse", Mike decided to go to the moon with his best friends Amy and Marty's help. Things turned more complicated when they found out that the billionaire, after removing the American flag planted by the Apollo 11 astronauts, had another secret agenda, and Mike and the team have to thwart his evil plan and capture the flag.

Capture the Flag (approx. 94 minutes running time) has a really exciting story and is action packed, with explosion scenes and plenty of thrilling moments. It is also very funny, especially Marty and his super clever chameleon! This isn't just an animation for kids, because adults will enjoy it very much too.

The DVD comes with Making of Capture of the Flag clips, and Blu-ray version also comes with the music video "I'll Reach You" by Auryn, and Beyond Capture the Flag.

You can find the trailer online, and here is an actual movie clip from the press office. Not enough to spoil anything of course, but really good to show you the quality of the animation:  

And before or after watching the animation, why not get the kids involved with some fun activities? I have a colouring sheet you can download and print below, and also instructions on how to make your own rocket!

Capture the Flag, bank holiday, astronaut animation

Capture the Flag, bank holiday, astronaut animation

Capture the Flag, bank holiday, astronaut animation

The rocket is fairly simple to make, and it's fun to decorate too (Washi/ decorative tapes are perfect for this). I couldn't resist and made my own as well.!

Have a great half term!