Wednesday, 18 May 2016

eZee Beads Garden Bugs & Flowers

eZee Beads self adhesive beads, garden bugs and flowers, beads

Abby was sent an eZee Beads Garden Bugs & Flowers pack by John Adams toys for her to make. As it's Chelsea's Flower Show next week, but our garden has turned into a construction site, it's a nice way for her to take part instead.

eZee Beads self adhesive beads, garden bugs and flowers, beads

The eZee Beads Garden Bugs & Flowers (RRP £4.99, suitable for 5 years and above) comes with 4 design cards, over 400 beads in 7 colours, a water spray bottle, beads storage with 5 compartments, a beading plate and instruction leaflet.

To make their own creation, children just need to slot a design card under the beading plate, place the colour beads on the plate with the matching colour on the design card, and spray a good layer of water on the design. Leave it to dry completely and gently peel the creation off.

eZee Beads self adhesive beads, garden bugs and flowers, beads

Abby sprayed a bit too much water for her first design, so it took much longer to dry, and some of the beads melted onto the beading plate. You only really need a good coat, but don't need to soak the beads through to get them to stick together. The flowers dried much faster and came out perfectly, and when a bead fell off, we simply used a drop of water to stick it back to the design and it will stay.

Personally I think beading crafts are a bit fiddly as you are handling small beads (maybe because I have bigger fingers haha), and if you want to redo the whole design, it takes a bit of patience as well to remove the beads from the design plate (they don't just fall off, which is a good thing though). But I also think that it's a great activity to train children's patience, and you can tell that Abby is really happy to see the creation coming together and off the beading plate.

Abby has always loved beading crafts, but the ones we tried before either requires ironing, which I'm not keen on, or they don't really stick, and the beads just keep falling off. We find that eZee beads stick much better than the ones in ball shapes, and no ironing for this!

Abby did complain about an acidic smell coming off her dragonfly, which I think is because she sprayed too much water on it (the flowers didn't smell). Either way, I wouldn't recommend touching the design when it's still wet, and spray a good amount but not too much on them. As mentioned above, they can be easily fixed after if a bead comes loose.

Abby also mentioned that a beading tool that help her pick up a bead and place it on the beading plate will be very handy, so hopefully John Adams can consider this for the range.

There are other designs in the eZee Beads range as well, with one allowing you to create 3D animals! I think it's safe to say that it will go onto Abby's Christmas list!