Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sleepy People Anti-Allergy Beddings

Sleepy people, Anti-allergy pillow, anti-allergy duvet

When we look at new bedding, I will always try to get anti-allergy ones, especially for the kids. Although it's not something obvious for me to notice, it gives me a peace of mind, and at least I know that I've tried my best to keep allergy reaction to its minimum.

To make sure that something in the bedding is really there to make it anti-allergy, I try to buy them from reputable companies. I also try to complete the whole set of anti-allergy bedding to maximise its benefit, which is an ongoing project.

Recently, the very kind PR from offered me a few anti-allergy products to try, giving me a fantastic opportunity to try out products from Silentnight and Snug. They are both well known brands, so I have no doubt about their anti-allergy qualities, but I'd love to know whether they are comfortable at the same time as well.

The products we've reviewed are:

Silent Night Anti-Allergy Waterproof Pillow
Silent Night Anti Allergy Duvet - King 7.5tog
SnugCotton Anti Allergy Duvet - Single 4.5tog

Sleepy people, Anti-allergy pillow, anti-allergy duvet

Silentnight Anti-Allergy Waterproof Pillow (normally £9.99) is waterproof with super soft elastic filling to retain shape, dust mite and bacteria resistant, anti allergenic, machine washable at 40 degree Celsius and is suitable for tumble drying.

When I chose the pillow, I didn't notice that it has a soft terry outer (a bit like fine towel material) which is to keep you warm at night. As we get quite hot at night, it'll be more suitable for us when it's Winter.

It is a very soft pillow, perhaps a bit too soft for us, but Clay seems to really like it as he brought it to our bed in the middle of the night, when he normally only bring his favourite cuddly toy with him.

Sleepy people, Anti-allergy pillow, anti-allergy duvet

As it's getting warmer, we thought we should give a Summer duvet a try. The Silentnight Anti Allergy Duvet (£14.99 to £19.99) is only 7.5tog, which is thinner than our 10tog Spring duvet. It's made from 100% Hollowfibre filling, and the outer is really smooth and cool to the touch.

The duvet is really light in weight and is very comfortable during the inconsistent British Summer nights. It's enough to keep us warm on a cooler night, but also thin enough to make us feel comfortable on a hotter night. The only problem I had was that it gets easily pulled away as it's so light, especially when Clay sneaks into our bed and either kick the duvet away or sleeps on top of it.

Sleepy people, Anti-allergy pillow, anti-allergy duvet

Sleepy people, Anti-allergy pillow, anti-allergy duvet

Sleepy people, Anti-allergy pillow, anti-allergy duvet

I'm impressed with Snug's packaging. The Cotton Anti Allergy Duvet (£25.99 to £39.99) came in a reusable storage bag with a strong zip (normally these zips are very fragile), and it came with a square sample of the duvet outside the bag as well, so that you can feel exactly what you are buying. Although it's a small square comparing to the whole duvet, you can see and feel the thickness and softness of the duvet that you are buying, which could have saved us a lot of money from getting the wrong product if all brands does the same.

The 4.5tog duvet is much thinner than our 7.5tog one of course. It's almost as thin as Abby's Summer quilt, but with children always getting overheated inside their blankets, I rather get them thin ones, and put another thin one on top for colder days.

This duvet is made from 100% Cotton Percale Cover and anti-allergy 570gsm filling, and is very comfortable. I found Clay sandwiching himself in the duvet the other night (sleeping on top of half of the duvet and covering himself with the other half) so I think he approved!

Although Snug is more expensive, I like the details they've put in their product, showing their confidence and providing a perfect customer service. So I'll definitely check their other products out as well.

Sleepy People also have a wide range of other products, from cushions and bedding sets, to quilts and speaker blankets, and they currently have a sale going on too. And for their anti-allergy products, you can check out their whole range here.