Tuesday, 31 May 2016

University Games for Half Term and Travel

University Games, games for travelling, family games

Although I really enjoy school holidays and having the kids at home with me all the time (honest. I miss having them around, apart from the bickering though!), finding new things to keep them busy while I work at home is the most painful part.

Luckily there are a few good movies out this holiday, and the lovely PR from University Games has also sent us a few games that would be perfect to keep them busy. A couple of them is fantastic for travelling too! We were sent:

Don't Rock the Boat
Who What Where Jnr Mini Game
Pointless the Mini Game

University Games, games for travelling, family games

University Games, games for travelling, family games

Don't Rock the Boat (RRP £14.99, suitable for ages 5+ years) is a 2 to 4 players game and comes with 16 pirate penguins, 3 masts, 2-piece water wave and an instruction leaflet. Players are to take turn to place a pirate penguin on the boat without rocking any penguin off the boat). The last player before the one who rocks the boat and drops a penguin off the boat wins the game.

The kids had a good laugh playing the game, and their favourite thing to do is to hang the penguins on the boat by their bandana knot! It is not that easy to balance the boat though, one wrong step and the boat, which is balancing on one small point only, tips whenever a penguin is placed on it. They will topple over easily, just make sure they don't fall off the boat!

The picture above is quite hard to achieve especially with young children, I only put it together like that for the picture to show you where the penguins can go. The boat moved as soon as I snapped the picture!

It is a funny game, and the pirate penguins are really cute. When we aren't playing the game, Clay's favourite thing to do is to role-play with the pirate penguin figurines, so it's like 2 games in one!

Don't Rock the Boat is available at Tesco, Amazon, Argos and Toys R Us.

University Games, games for travelling, family games

University Games, games for travelling, family games

Who What Where Jnr. Mini Game (RRP £7.99, suitable for children age 8+ years) can be played with at least 2 players. It comes with 210 cards (70 each of Who, What and Where cards), scoring tokens, drawing pad, pencil, an hourglass timer and an instruction leaflet.

Each player are to pick up 1 each of the Who, What and Where cards without showing them to the others, and they'll have 2 minutes to draw their picture. The rest of the players will have to guess what each part of the scene is within another 2 minutes. Tokens are to be collected according to the instruction, and after 3 rounds of playing, the player with the most tokens wins.

I really like this game and think that it's the perfect travelling game. We will be taking 12 hours flight to Asia in 2 months time, so I'll definitely take it with me. Abby likes the game, and we had a good laugh trying to guess each other's picture! Clay gave it a go as well although he's not one who likes to stick to rules!

You can easily play this game in other ways as well, and make it easier for younger children too, such as turning it into a verbal guessing game instead for the kids to guess what is being described.

You can buy Who What Where Jnr from Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis.

University Games, games for travelling, family games

If you like Pointless on BBC, you'll enjoy this mini game too and see if you are a Pointless Champion! The mini game (RRP £7.99, suitable for age 12 years+) can be played with 2 to 5 players or teams. It comes with 120 questions, 1 question cards holder, 1 Pointless pencil, 1 Answer & score sheet pad (30 double-sided sheets) and a rule card.

Each question has the following format: Category, Topic, Question, First set of answers (answers obscured in some way), second set of answers (full answers with a score next to it). The card holder will show the Category, Top and question at the top, and the first set of answers through the window in the middle, with the final answers hidden.

To play, a Question master is to read out the category, title and question. Players including the question master will then have to choose one of the 5 answers from the first set, and then crack the answer on their answer and score sheet.

The idea is to get the lowest total score from 6 rounds to win the Pointless Champion title.

A bit more about the game. The questions in the quiz show has been surveyed to a group of 100 people, who were to answer as many answers from the first set of answers as they can within 100 seconds. The scores next to each answer is the number of people who chose to answer it within their 100 seconds.

So part of the player's objective is to select the answer that the least people (they think) has chosen to answer, giving them the lowest score possible. However, the player must answer it correctly as well otherwise they will score 100 points!

We didn't manage to play the game as the kids are both too young and I'm terrible with trivia quizzes! I did manage to answer omelette in the Egg Dishes question, although I score 79 from that one question because the answer is too common! The idea of the game is fun though, and perfect for the game show fans!

The travel size Pointless game is available from Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis.

What games will you be playing this bank holiday?