Sunday, 22 May 2016

What You Should Know About Acrylic Nails Before Getting Them

Guest post by Sam Rimini

While acrylic nails may be the current trend, that does not mean that a woman should get them without having done her homework ahead of time. There's plenty of different styles available nowadays and you can make your manicure look professional with all the available quality products, such as those offered by Birchbox in discounted prices thanks to coupons. Acrylics are just one more option that you can go for, and it's one of the most permanent. So, before you make the decision to dramatically change your appearance, it is important to read on and learn more about the things you may not know about the process.

1. They Are Not Immediately Comfortable

When a set of acrylic nails is first put on, they are usually not comfortable and women often report feeling certain tightness. However, if the discomfort persists for more than a day or two, you'll need to head back to your salon or nail technician, so that they can perform some tension relieving exercises. The size of the tips may need to be changed, as well as the length of the nails. In some instances, the nails will have to be removed entirely.

2. Maintenance Is Key

Acrylic nails are not a "set it and forget it" type of deal, they require a great deal of maintenance. It is recommended for those who wish to wear acrylic nails to receive a fill every two weeks or so. Not only does this keep the nails looking their absolute best, but it also ensures the continued health of the nails. Should moisture make its way underneath the acrylic, an infection might take place, so as you can see maintenance is crucial.

3. They're Pricey

The initial expense can be daunting and when you factor in the regular fills and maintenance, you'll need to budget for the expense. A brand new set can cost even up to $50, depending on region in which you live. Fills tend to range somewhere between $15 and $20. Don't try to pinch pennies by going to a lesser technician, as this can lead to infection and a host of other issues.

4. It's Not A Marriage

Getting acrylic nails does not mean that you are stuck with them forever and they are not a long term commitment. If you'd like to apply acrylics for a certain occasion and remove them afterwards, this is an option that is available to you. As long as you have an experienced nail technician to set on the nails and take them off, you can take them for a test drive to check if they are for you.

5. They Add A Challenge

After you've gotten acrylic nails, there are a few things that you won't be able to do as easily anymore. For example, picking up coins may become quite the epic struggle and you may not be able to remove your contact lenses as easily as you once did. Finger foods will become a thing of the past and texting takes on an added degree of difficulty. But everything can be learned with some practice!