Wednesday, 15 June 2016

J:Dew Green Moist Skincare Set

Q-depot online Korean cosmetics store review, J'Ders Korean Cosmetcis brand, J:Dew Green Moist

Q-depot online Korean cosmetics store review, J'Ders Korean Cosmetcis brand, J:Dew Green Moist

(I can't stop thinking how refreshing this set looks!)

Last week I published the initial review (you can find it here) for the Korean cosmetics set from J:Dew, which was kindly sent to me by online Korean cosmetics shop for review purpose, and after using the set, day and night, for 2 weeks, I feel more comfortable about telling you what I think of the Green Moist range.

First of all:

- J:Dew Green Moist range targets dry and sensitive skin, however it also claimed to be suitable for all skin types. 

- I have combination-oily skin

- I replaced all my lotions and potions with the Green Moist range, but also use Korean eye cream and sun lotion

- The Green Moist range comes with a Toner, Essence, Emulsion (Moisturiser) and Cream. I used the Emulsion as a day cream and Cream as a night cream

- I don't do any Ph test on products because I do not believe that the result will be professional enough (it's not as easy as dipping a testing strip into the product), and I think checking details of everything I use or even eat kind of takes a the fun away from life (no offense to anyone intended)

Product (Top to bottom, left to right - Toner, Essence, Emulsion, Cream):
Q-depot online Korean cosmetics store review, J'Ders Korean Cosmetcis brand, J:Dew Green Moist

Note: The essence is a milky colour, not 2 toned as shown in the picture. It was the first drop out from the bottle. The rest are opaque.

The toner is runny, but feels slightly heavier than water. Essence is a bit more jelly like, where as the Emulsion feels just like a light cream and the cream a thick night cream.

All 4 products smells a bit like lime with a hint of herb, which I believe is the result of the Lavandin and Bergamot Orange oils.


Usually when I use products designed for dry and sensitive skin, they would be too oily for me. However, none of the products in the Green Moist range made me feel greasy. The products are absorbed quickly into my skin, leaving my skin feeling soft and plump, without feeling like something is sitting on it.

The cream felt really thick, but again is absorbed quick enough so it didn't bother me at all. I would still prefer to use it for night time because my skin doesn't really need that nourishment during the day. Both emulsion and cream will last longer this way too. If it's Winter, however, I might use it during the dryer days.

I had no outbreak from using the products either. I have used them for just under 3 weeks now, without using any of my "must have" or "holy-grail" skincare, yet my skin feels and looks soft, hydrated and healthy.

To me, a skincare product that does exactly what it says, shows result within a short period of time, doesn't contain additives and is value for money (approximately £15 per product, much cheaper compared to Western equivalents) is a great product, so I think for me, the J:Dew Green Moist range is lovely and I'd continue using them, adding them to my 10 step Korean skincare routine.

You can get the set from for approximately £49.57, or buy the products separately.

Note: If you have reactions towards Lavander Oil, you might want to consult your doctor before trying this range as it contains Lavandin (type of Lavender) Oil.