Wednesday, 22 June 2016

New LEGO City Range: Airport (ft. Air Show Set)

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City
Really excited kids!
This is definitely one of the most exciting LEGO set we've built lately, not only because LEGO City is one of hubby and the kids' favourite range, but also because each of us get to build the set together as a family!

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City
Left: LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal
Right: LEGO City Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter
This year LEGO City has launched 2 new range - LEGO City Airport and LEGO City Volcano. They are equally fantastic (do check them out at, but we love the Airport range a bit more because of the really cool planes (although I do love the green colour for the LEGO City Volcano range)! The lovely people from LEGO has kindly sent us the LEGO City Airport - Air Show set to review, and I get to build one of the jet (I normally get to take the pictures only!)!

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City

The LEGO City Airport Air Show set (RRP £69.99, target age 6-12) comes with 670 construction pieces (comes in 8 bags), a sticker sheet and 5 instruction booklets.

It is recommended to open 1 bag of LEGO bricks at a time. Each bag belongs to one instruction booklet only (e.g bag 7 and 8 for booklet 5) so you can build whichever item from the set you want first.

However, as usual, we love a good challenge, so we opened everything and poured them all into the LEGO City Airport Air Show box. Although the kids aren't keen in searching for small pieces in the box, it has been a great patience training exercise, and we have received less and less complains from the kids.

It did become a problem when master builder Clay struggled to follow the instructions in the booklet for the jet he was building though.

We didn't realise that there was something wrong with his jet (we were very proud that he built 95% of it completely by himself!) until hubby struggled to find a few pieces for his old-fashioned (or vintage?) plane. The only thing that was built at that time was the 2 red jets (the other one by me who follow instructions to the T), and he realised that Clay's jet looked a bit different than the one in the picture:

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City

So he opened Clay's plane up (while Clay was sleeping of course) and realised that the inside was "fairly" different than how it's suppose to be (and he found the pieces that he was looking for too)! We couldn't stop giggling at how cute Clay was, trying to fix the plane to make it look almost identical (with extra decoration pieces on the small wings as well) even though he knew it wasn't quite right. We were also very impressed with how he managed it so well!

If it wasn't because we needed the pieces inside his modified jet, we would have left it as it is. But hubby really needed the pieces so he had to re-modify it. Clay didn't seem to notice though, and we made sure we gave him plenty of praises the next day.

Anyway. If we haven't mixed the pieces together, this might still happen (it happened to the smaller LEGO sets too haha) but at least we wouldn't have to re-modify his jet. However, we also wouldn't have noticed how *proud show-off parent alert* talented Clay is!

So the finished LEGO City Airport Air Show looks like this:

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City

It's super exciting to have 3 planes in a set, which in my opinion is well worth the money, but hubby said that he has always wanted a huge LEGO plane! That's someone's Christmas present sorted (The LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal plane measures 18" x 19"!!).

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City

We also love the crew that comes with the set! There are so many of them, and they look pretty cool lined up like this, don't you think?

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City

I was very happy "to be given" (I have no say!) the pleasure to build one of the red jets. The kids even told me to build the one with the girl pilot!

To be honest, at first I thought that the planes were made mostly by custom pieces (the big unique pieces that make LEGO vehicles look smoother on the outside), and inside would probably be hollow. So I was pleasantly surprised that the jets were solid throughout! There are custom pieces of course, which makes the jets look great, I'm just so happy that they kept inside solid using traditional pieces, so that they are very sturdy as well.

The 2 red jets are quite different looking, even the pieces used inside is different, which makes it more interesting for someone who would build both jets. I love the shape for the one I built, but the one Clay built has an adjustable fin. I like the subtle difference in the look, while they matches each other perfectly side by side.

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City

Hubby enjoyed building the vintage plane. The orange and black is very striking, and it is one smart looking plane, but at the same time I found it really cute too! The cockpit cover is my favourite piece from the whole set (it's just so round and smooth like half an egg)!

LEGO City Airport Air Show, LEGO vehicle, LEGO City

Abby chose to build the really big hangar (definitely bigger than we thought!). She was suppose to build the airport service car and tool wagon as well (because we all thought that the hangar is very easy to build), but hubby couldn't resist and built the car.

It did take her a while to finish building the hangar though, mainly because she likes to take it slow while doing other things in between as well.

The hangar looked rather flimsy, but when I picked it up, it's actually a very sturdy piece! This is when I'm more than happy to use LEGO Technic pieces, they are perfect for making sturdy frames. The hangar has fallen off the sofa and tumbled around but it's still going strong.

I haven't looked at the instruction manual, but I'm now wondering whether it took Abby more effort to build such a strong frame than it seems.

It's easy to neglect the service car and tool wagon, but they are a great addition to the set (you can't not have them around after all!), and there are some really unique tools included. The quality of the tools seems better too. I'm not sure whether it's because they were still new or the materials/ technique used are different?

Overall we really enjoyed building the LEGO City Airport Air Show set. I'm really glad that they split each part into different instruction booklets, which I assume is so that you can easily pick up the instruction you need for a particular component (the vintage plane, for example), but it has also made it convenient for us to build the set together at the same time. It's definitely a value for money set because you can get 3 really good LEGO planes out from it, and if you are building this on your own, there is quite a lot of things to build!

The colour combination, from the different jets to their pilots, are well chosen, each part are very well designed and long lasting (not so easy to break), and they look brilliant together! The Airport idea is fantastic, and we are glad to see the new addition to the LEGO City range.