Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Meaningful Fathers' Day Gift from Posh Canvas

Fathers' Day gift, Fathers Day personalised Canvas, Fathers Day collage picture

A big spoiler for hubby, but this Fathers' Day gift from Posh Canvas is worth sharing with you for Fathers' Day next week!

Posh Canvas specialises in personalised canvas, from canvas with quotes to using your own photos, creating memorable keepsakes in canvas format than the usual photo frames. They have kindly offered me a personalised canvas to review, and I thought, what better than something special for Fathers' Day to add to our almost bare walls?

I opted for one of their For Dads' design - Triple Photo Dad Collage Canvas (£25.99 for A4 size. Other bigger sizes available with extra cost), which I think is perfect for Fathers' Day, and sent over 3 pictures of hubby with the kids when they were born, and of one taken on his previous birthday.

It's unfortunate that I didn't have the pictures in the best quality (the problem with the convenience of using mobile phone camera!), so as you can see from the picture, the top picture is more blurry, but the bottom left picture is perfect. I wouldn't have the arrangement in a different way even if it means an overall better quality for all 3 pictures though, and Posh Canvas has respected my decision.

Other than my own pictures' quality, I think Posh Canvas' quality for the frame, fabric and ink is great, price is decent (this is an A3 size for £34.99), and I can tell that the person who arranged my pictures (I mentioned where each picture should go, but they aligned the pictures) has thought the design through (the sample picture on the website had the bottom right picture above the text "To a Wonderful Dad..." but because my image was a square, he/ she has put the wordings on top of the picture instead of cutting the image in half, which would be bad).

Fathers' Day gift, Fathers Day personalised Canvas, Fathers Day collage picture
Sample before printing
I'd also like to point out their great customer service. They've emailed me a picture of the final alignment to check if I'm happy with it before going ahead with the printing. I like it that they made sure it's what I want and I was being kept in the loop with progress.

I think, compared to a photo in a fairly heavy photo frame, personalised canvas are definitely a better option. I won't have to worry about glass smashing, and I like the gallery feel, with the canvas frame sticking out on the walls. This Fathers' Day Collage canvas will make a perfect addition to our "gallery".

If you are interested in a Posh Canvas for this Fathers' Day, they guarantee delivery if you order by Monday 13th June 2016. I would order much sooner though if you are looking into ordering a photo canvas, just to give them time to liaise with you as well.