Thursday, 16 June 2016

Minecraft Vloggers appearing at Digital Kids Show this Halloween Weekend!

Digital Kids Show Manchester Event City, Autumn Half Term holiday, Halloween to do
Update: Manchester Evening News has a discount code on their website, tickets will be £17.50 using the code until the end of Sunday 19th June, 2016!

Normally I don't release press information immediately after I've received them because of my own schedules. But I had to reschedule some posts after receiving new updates for the Digital Kids Show, because it is the news many Minecraft fans (including my kids and their cousin) have been waiting for!

As mentioned in my previous post about Digital Kids Show's initial line ups, there is a Children's Media Zone where kids get to learn all about blogging, vlogging and social media plugging, as well as meeting YouTube sensations, but we haven't received information about who these YouTube sensations are, until today!

Minecraft fans who have been watching YouTube videos, you will get to meet:

LDShadowLady (Lizzie)
- 2 Million subscribers, 637Million views
- Best known for her Minecraft single-player series: Shadowcraft, and her quirky sense of humour

Amy Lee33
- 900k Subscribers, 225Million views
- One of the biggest female Minecraft YouTube channels in the UK
- Tells stories in the world of Minecraft, promoting central message of practicing love and kindness
- Book signing on the days

SmallishBeans (Joel)
- 796k subscribers, close to 140Million views
- Blogs about his favourite games

AshDubh (aka FearAdubh)
- 650k subscribers, 174Million views
- One of the biggest up and coming names in the YouTube world
- Friends with iBallisticSquid
- Creates regular fun gaming videos covering MineCraft, GTA and more

Tomohawk (iBallisticSquid's brother)
- 125k subscribers, 16M views
- Regulary features guest appearances from YouTube super-star brother iBallisticSquid and Ashbudh
- Covers all kinds of content from Minecraft to board games and more

This is a fantastic opportunity for children to finally meet Minecraft YouTube superstars in real life. If you haven't bought a ticket yet, the early bird ticket (£18.50 per person, under 2's are free) offer last until the end of June, so try not to take too long to make a decision!

You can find the rest of the lineup in my previous post, and other updates include:

- Getting hands on with cutting edge toys like electronic LEGO at the Digital, STEM & Coding Skills Zone

- Total wipe-out zone

- Scooter Disco

- Digi Disco

- Zip Wires

- Minecraft Halloween fun on Sunday 30th October welcoming kids to come in their best Minecraft costumes or fancy dress.