Tuesday, 5 July 2016

New Nintendo 3DS UK Ambassador - Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre, new Nintendo 3DS ambassador 2016, UK Nintendo 3DS ambassador

When Nintendo UK contacted us with news about them looking for a Nintendo 3DS ambassador, I was feeling a bit nervous for them. We absolutely love Nintendo, and love how family friendly they are, but most celebrities nowadays hardly fit that image.

To me, an idol means someone the youngsters can look up to; someone who is inspiring, and is careful with their style and behaviour in public because they know that they are setting an example for others to follow. That is what an ambassador, or representative, for Nintendo should be like in my opinion. However, not many celebrities cares about that nowadays (I guess that's why we call them pop stars now instead), so I can only imagine what a tough job it must be for Nintendo to consider who their new ambassador should be.

2 weeks ago, Nintendo UK has released the news that they've finally found their Nintendo 3DS ambassador - the BRIT award-winning singer Ella Eyre! After checking her profile out, I think they've signed the right person to represent them!

First thing that I noticed is her fashion sense. I like it that she dresses casually but still remain stylish, which is exactly what I would expect from a modern idol (finally someone who isn't wearing lingerie like it's casual wear!). Even for special occasions or on stage she impressed without the need to flaunt unnecessarily (can you tell how annoyed I am with celebrities nowadays?). I also like her healthy image.

Then it's her songs. There are love songs of course (I'm not that old fashioned!), but she also sings about having fun with friends ("Good Times") and how love isn't just about all the kissy and touchy stuff ("We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off"). I know that I wouldn't need to shut down YouTube when her music video comes on.

She is inspiring; she writes songs, is a great singer and has won the BRIT award (British Single of the Year 2014) too.

And to make her the perfect Nintendo 3DS UK ambassador, she loves playing games! She is really into Nintendo 3DS Tomodachi Life (read our review here), and is having a laugh with her real life friends and boyfriend about their Mii characters. You can find Ella Eyre's My Life in 3DS YouTube videos here.

A bit more about Ella Eyre:
An English singer / songwriter who featured on Rudimental's Waiting All Night and DJ Fresh's Gravity as well as her own hits Comeback, If I Go, Together and Good Times. Ella also co-wrote the number one hit, Changing, for Sigma, Ft. Paloma Faith. She recently replaced Beyonce as the new face of Emporio Armani Diamonds, has toured across America, Europe and the UK, most recently with Olly Murs, and released her debut album Feline, which went top 5 in August 2015.

Congratulations to Nintendo UK and Ella Eyre's new ambassadorship!