Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Q-depot.com ft. J:Dew Green Moist Skincare Set

Korean Skincare, Korean cosmetics, Q-depot Korean cosmetics online shop

Ever since Memebox, a Korean cosmetics surprise box service has stopped shipping Internationally, I've stopped experimenting with beauty products and mainly stick to those that I know worked well with my skin.

But I'm always eager to try something new, especially something that comes directly from the well known Jeju Island in S.Korea, which claimed to have the perfect condition for growing the perfect fruits, teas and herbs etc, meaning that their produce makes perfect ingredients for cosmetics.

After all, you will want the best for your skin, and the good thing about Korean cosmetics is that they are much more affordable compared to similar quality beauty products made by Western companies.

It's quite hard to believe that a mid price range Korean product can be just as good as the high end Western products isn't it? But they are, because there is a huge demand for them (so it's unnecessary to slap an expensive price on the product, which scares the customers away), and the cost is lower to make them.

The quality of Korean cosmetics is unquestionable, you can already see Korean invented products being copied by Western companies (foot peeling masks, face sheet masks, foundation cushion, snail cream etc), unfortunately without the equivalent quality (I still remember the failed BB cream that gave an orange tint, and I heard the quality from the first Western cushion was quite bad too) the only question is: which one to go for?

Trying out new brands has given me the opportunity to find the perfect skincare and makeup for me (I have yet to write up my holy-grail skincare and makeup post), but there are always better products out there, especially with Korean cosmetics because they invent something new really quickly to keep customers happy, so there is a huge variety out there.

So when Q-depot.com contacted me with an opportunity to review something from one of the brand they sell - J'ERS, which I haven't tried before, I gladly said yes. Although I know that Q-depot have a branch in S.Korea, I was pleasantly surprised when the parcel was delivered directly from Jeju Island! It was like receiving a parcel from Heaven! I was slightly tempted to inhale the little precious air that's stored inside the parcel, but thought the better of it.

A bit more about the brands:

Q-depot.com is a Korean cosmetics (including skincare and makeup) online shop that ships Worldwide directly from Korea. The sell products from a lot of well known brands, ranging from the cheaper teenage to young adult brands such as TonyMoly and Etude House, mid range targeting working class such as Laneige, IOPE and Missha, and the high end brands including The History of Whoo, Su:m37 and Sulwhasoo. They also have a range of products by eco friendly brands including innisfree and J'ERS.

J'ERS (stands for Jeju'ers, I assume it means people from Jeju?), or J:Dew, are an eco-friendly brand that uses ingredients grown from Jeju Island.

Their Green Moist range uses aloe vera and green tea for moisturising and soothing irritated skin, and antioxidants from broccoli extract to protect skin from further damage. It is 6 additive-free (parabens, mineral oils, animal derivatives, artificial aromas, artificial colourings and benzophenone), making the Green Moist range suitable for sensitive skin (do check full ingredients list here) as well. The range also contains lavandin oil (a different, stronger kind of lavender oil, links to thelavenderfields.co.uk for the difference) and bergamot orange oil for aromatherapy and skin rejuvenation.

If you are worried about not understanding the product, J:Dew products come with English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese instructions on their leaflets as well as Korean.

Since I've blabbed on for long enough, I'm just going to show you some pictures of this beautiful J:Dew Green Moist skincare set. I'll write up the review after another week or so when I've given the products a longer try.

Korean Skincare, Korean cosmetics, Q-depot Korean cosmetics online shop

The J:Dew Green Moist Skincare Set (Q-depot price USD69.99/ GBP48.51. Free shipping; full ingredients list in English can be found on the product page) comes in a beautiful zen-like box. Just looking at the box made me feel calm and relaxed, and I immediately know that the products inside are luxe, eco/ green, and will give my skin a quality boost. 

I was wowed when I opened the box, the packaging of the J:Dew Green Moist range looks posh, like it's from a spa with natural surroundings, perhaps a green lake in the middle. The rose gold definitely did it for me! I think it'll make an amazing gift set, and you would probably have to pay at least GBP65 if this was from a Western brand, that's how I feel anyway.

The skincare set comes with (in application order):

Toner 175ml, Essence 60ml, Emulsion (a bit like moisturiser) 125ml, Cream 55ml

It also comes with 25ml each for the toner and emulsion, perfect for travelling.

Although all products in the set are suitable for all skin type, it is best for dry and sensitive skin. Having said that, my normal to combination skin has no problem using them twice a day. A full review will be published in the next week or so.

Korean Skincare, Korean cosmetics, Q-depot Korean cosmetics online shop
Clear ingredients list in English
Korean Skincare, Korean cosmetics, Q-depot Korean cosmetics online shop
Expiry Instructions
Korean Skincare, Korean cosmetics, Q-depot Korean cosmetics online shop
Cruelty-free products
I'd also like to point out a few things that make Q-depot.com stand out from many other Korean cosmetics online store that ships from Korea.

Not only do they use full English on their website, they have most of the information a lot of skincare enthusiast looks for on their site as well, including a clear English ingredients list, as well as a table showing you how long each type of product should be kept for.

And if you are against animal testing, this is the first Korean cosmetics website I noticed that actually have a section featuring products from cruelty-free brands. The brands listed are well known brands too so I believe that the information are correct.

If you are uncomfortable shopping in USD, you can simply change the currency to GBP or even Euros.

USD25 coupon:

Q-depot told me that if you register on their website, you can get a USD25 coupon for your shopping. Shopping over USD49/ GBP33.96 gives you free shipping too, and like all good Korean cosmetics online store, they give you free samples for every order so you can try different products from different brands as well.