Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tatton Park Roald Dahl's Tremendous Adventures - Spotting Witches

Roald Dahl Tatton Park Event, Roald Dahl 100 celebration, How to Spot a Witch

Tatton Park has a new installation added to their Roald Dahl's Tremendous Adventures - How to Spot a Witch Manual! Visitors can step inside the interactive "book" and explore various objects and artworks based around the witch-spotting theme:

Based on Roald Dahl's book The Witches, this interactive prop is created by the people who also made Willy Wonka's golden ticket chocolate bar and BFG's massive chair inside Tatton Park. The How to Spot a Witch Manual is a walk-in art gallery where visitors can transport and immerse into The Witches story, where grandma explains how you spot a witch.

And here is the ultimate "Witch Spotting Checklist" for all boys and girls:

- They always wear gloves because they don't have normal fingernails!
- They are bald as a boiled egg, but many choose to wear very realistic wigs
- They have large nose holes and can smell a child from across the street. The cleaner the child, the easier they are to smell!
- Their eyes change colour and will send shivers down your spine
- They have no toes, but they try to hide this by squeezing their feet into pretty shoes
- They have spit so blue they can even use it to write with!

We had lots of fun during our visit to Tatton Park for Roald Dahl's Tremendous Adventures, you can check out our review here, and for Summer holiday, other events will be added to the adventure as well, including additional Fantastic Mr. Fox activities at the Farm from 26th July, and Danny the Champion of the World Outdoor Theatre at the Old Hall from 27th August. You can read about the current activities here, and more on Tatton Park's website as well.