Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Back to School with Debenhams

Back to School, Debenhams Kids, School Uniform

As we'll be going away for 3.5 weeks and most likely using the last 1.5 weeks to fix our jet lag, I had to sort everything for the new school year before our holiday. I'm extremely organised this year!

The only thing that I struggled to get were swimming pants and a school bag for Clay, which I bought but were both too big for him (yes, even the bag!), and a good pair of school shoes for Abby, who goes through at least 4 pairs per school year.

I was going to leave her school shoes until we come back, but it just so happen that a really lovely opportunity to review something from Debenhams' Back to School range came up, and since they have everything we need, I decided to get Abby a pair of lovely and sturdier looking school shoes from Debenhams now, together with swimming pants and a school bag that fits Clay!

Back to School, Debenhams Kids, School Uniform

I bought Abby's Summer 2 piece school uniform, featured in this picture, during the previous Debenhams' Christmas sale. I'm not sure if they still do these, but we absolutely love it. They fit much better than dresses we bought from other places. If they don't do them anymore, I hope that they will for the next Summer, otherwise I'll give their summer dress a try instead, because we really love the quality.

Back to School, Debenhams Kids, School Uniform

Debenhams have a good range of school shoes at different price range. It took us a while to choose, and we decided to go for these pretty patent shoes with flowers appliques (£12.80 - £14.40) on top, not only because they are pretty, but I like it that they have a hard heel, cushioned edge around the ankle, hard front, and thick sole that are slip resistant.

We were told by the podiatrist the kids are seeing that good shoes for children should have a hard heel and thick sole, so these will be perfect for her.

We did go for a bigger size in case Abby's feet will grow by September. Otherwise she can still wear her current shoes (although very tattered) until she has grown into these. They definitely feel much sturdier than the ones we bought for her, and for about the same price as well (all the money wasted last year...)!

Back to School, Debenhams Kids, School Uniform

Initially I was looking for a Batman (ideally LEGO Batman) bag for Clay, but the one I bought was for teenagers! The thing is, we have to have a flat shoulder strap messenger bag, because the school want the bags to be able to fit into their trays (they have pegs for coats and PE kits, which gets bulky if bags have to be hung there as well).

Although Debenhams doesn't have a Batman bag, they have a Star Wars Force Awaken messenger bag (£14), which is in Clay's favourite colours, and he really likes it!

I also love the quality of the bag, and it has extra pockets as well so hopefully his bag will be a bit more organised next school year! I have a feeling that this bag will have no problem lasting for at least 2 school years.

Debenhams have other school bags that are very stylish as well, some looks like ladies' handbags, which I think will be perfect for teenagers, even for those who are in college.

Back to School, Debenhams Kids, School Uniform

Although these school swimming trunks (£4 to £10.40) are plain, I'm super happy with them because they have an elastic tie! I'm so annoyed with the one I bought previously from a sports shop, because it's too big even though I bought the correct size, and it has no ties so I can't make it fit! Come September Clay's class will be taking swimming lessons, and he has to be able to change quickly by himself. He is currently wearing a bodysuit and gets tangled in it easily when changing, so these trunks will be perfect for his swimming lessons.

The tie is suppose to be hidden inside, although I struggled to put it in without making it look awkward. I think this looks alright?

Overall we are very happy with our Debenhams Back to School items. I would have bought socks as well but they were out of stock due the the sale. A lot of items are still in stock at a really good price so before you visit the supermarket, give Debenhams Back to School section a go, you might find yourself a really good bargain!