Tuesday, 26 July 2016

It is Holiday Time!

Image from http://hdwallpaperscargo.com/
We are flying tomorrow!

The kids are super excited about the trip, not only will they remember the experience of flying in an airplane this time, they will get to eat a lot of their favourite food (sushi and bubble tea!) and meet a lot of their family throughout this 3.5 weeks holiday! That's right, we will be away for almost a month, to make the most of our once in 3 years Hong Kong/ Taiwan visit, and we'll be visiting Mcau for the first time ever too!

This means that my blog will go quiet for a bit, but I will be on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for sure! So if you would like to see what it's like in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, what yummy (or weird!) food we'll be having in the crazy heat, pictures of themed restaurants like Hello Kitty and Toilet (!!) and the shopping and weather, make sure you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! I'll be mainly on Instagram with notification turned on, so if you'd like to leave me a message, I'll reply much quicker there.

For now, I wish you all an amazing Summer Holiday!