Sunday, 10 July 2016

LEGO DC Justice League: Gotham City Breakout

LEGO Batman, LEGO DC Super Heroes Justice League, Gotham City Breakout

We are a big fan of LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League animation series here, so we were really excited to be given the opportunity to review the latest installment in the series: Gotham City Breakout! It sounded like a really fun one because Batman will be going on holiday:

Batman reluctantly lets Batgirl and Nightwing take him on a long-overdue holiday from crime fighting, while Superman and the Justice League watch over Gotham City. But the Bat trio encountered old nemeses during the trip, and Superman and other Leaguers had a taste of how busy Batman is on a regular basis.

And as expected, we enjoyed it as much as all the other LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League installments! If you think that Superman, the one with actual super power, can handle what Batman had to deal with in Gotham City, think again! We love the personalities of the LEGO DC superheroes (they are so much more fun than the actual super heroes!), and there was a lot of laugh out loud moments!

After watching Gotham City Breakout, we re-watched all the Justice League animation we have (we do this every time a new ones comes out!), and talked about what our favourite lines are in each one of them. It wasn't easy because there are times when our favourite lines are related to a whole scene to make it funny! Here are our favourite lines from the latest 4 LEGO DC Super Heroes Justice League animations:

Justice League vs Bizarro League
Bizarro: "B.O.M.B. - Boom!"

Attack of the Legion of Doom
Sinestro (to The Flash):".. parasitic pinball!" (and made The Flash bounce around like a pinball)

Cosmic Clash (our favourite in the whole series!)
Captain Fear (to Batman who announced himself as Bat Beard):" I see no beard."
Batman:"I shaved."

Gotham City Breakout
Madam Mantis (to Batman):" Batface!"

I just realised that the LEGO DC Super Heroes Justice League series actually started with Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite, and we haven't seen the next one featuring Batman joining the Justice League - Batman: Be-Leaguered (TV Special), which luckily is included in the DVD Justice League vs Bizarro League! So we'll be watching the 2 later!

LEGO Batman, LEGO DC Super Heroes Justice League, Gotham City Breakout

LEGO DC Super Heroes Justice League: Gotham City Breakout (Cert U; Blu-ray RRP £9.99, DVD RRP £6.99) is out now in Tesco, and everywhere else tomorrow. Running time is 72 minutes, and you can either get an exclusive LEGO Nightwing minifigure with the blu-ray, or a free superhero sticker sheet in pack with the DVD.