Friday, 15 July 2016

Slimming with FORZA

Forza Raspberry K2, Forza Shake it Slim, Diet suppliments

Disclaimer: I was sent items to try out and blog about my experience, whether it's good or bad. Do note that my experience (how my body react to the products, etc) isn't necessary going to be exactly the same for you. I just wanted to share it with you, to give you one view of how it might be like for someone who has tried the products, but at the end it is your decision whether you would like to try the products out as well. I cannot take the responsibility of your experience (good or bad), after all we all have different bodies and lifestyle.

It is also strongly recommended that you DO NOT exceed the dosage stated. Just because it is off the counter products, it does not mean that it is safe for you to over dose yourself (Paracetamol is a good example).

FORZA 10% off Discount: This post contains affiliate link to FORZA UK, which gives you a 10% off discount on all purchases you make on their website (using the code FZ3 through the links in blue), where I also get some money from the sale to support my little blog.

Note: I'm not too keen in using "size" or "weight" to measure my health, because they don't really mean much without looking at everything else in a person's body and lifestyle (I can weigh 50kg but eating all the unhealthy food, or I can weigh 80kg because of being muscular). The best way to see if I have slimmed down is by comparing my before and after pictures, or by people who see me frequently, telling me if they've noticed changes. But that can take a long time.

So I weigh myself because I can see something sooner. I take it lightly because I know that water and waste can make up to that number, but I will also know whether I need to tighten a leash on myself before I do more damage to my health. And by experimenting, it will also show me when it's best for me to eat treats, and what a late albeit healthy dinner does to me.

So even though I don't like to use weight and size to measure health, it shows some interesting results while testing FORZA's products.

My slimming journey background (what's done before I started testing the products):

Since the beginning of this year, I've set a new goal to get back to a healthier lifestyle. I have seen some results, but without pushing myself further (I've been taking it easy. I'm still a foodie and I love my food!), I'm far from reaching my goal. I'd love to be a bit more slimmer because I know that after our 3.5 weeks holiday (we are visiting families we haven't seen for over 3 years), all the effort will most likely be gone, but I rather not be worse than what I was like back in January!

So on top of:

- listening to Slimpod daily (you can read more about my experience with Thinking Slimmer's Slimpod through these posts)
- eating much smaller portion sizes (which isn't difficult with Slimpod's help)
- exercising (although I dread them. I try to do at least 2 days a week, although I should really do 5 days)
- eating healthier food for meals and snacks (high protein and fibre, low carb and sugar)
- enjoying much smaller amount of treats (3 pieces of crisps instead of a packet, for example)
- setting targets and motivations

I also got into contact with FORZA UK last month when I heard that they were looking for bloggers to review their product Raspberry K2, and hoped that it'll help me break down fat faster.

Later on, I spoke to FORZA's PR as I thought that the Raspberry K2 wasn't suitable for me. They have kindly offered me their popular Shake it Slim meal replacement pack to try instead. I then tried a different dosage for the Raspberry K2 (there is a good reason why I gave it another try), and after 3 to 4 weeks, I think I've tried both products enough to tell you what I think of them.

Forza Raspberry K2, Forza Shake it Slim, Diet suppliments

Forza Raspberry K2, Forza Shake it Slim, Diet suppliments

Each FORZA Raspberry K2 (90 capsules £14.00, other quantities available) capsule contains natural ingredients:

200mg Raspberry Fruit Powder (antioxidants)
200mg Caffeine (helps concentration and alertness, but also help burn fat)
100mg Choline (help break down fats)
12µg Vitamin K2 (MK-7, for stronger bones)

as well as:
Capsule Shell (HPMC)
Colourings (Titanium Dioxide, Allura Red AC)

The recommended dosage by FORZA is 2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule early afternoon, and take them with a full glass of water.

Due to its high quantity of caffeine, this product is not suitable for children nor pregnant women.

First impression:
The capsules are very pretty, but when I opened the bottle, it didn't smell very pleasant. Simply air the capsules out a bit (I left them on the table while having a bite of my breakfast) before taking them to remove that smell.

Dosage and result:
As I hardly drink any caffeinated drinks (1 mug of instant coffee in the morning, containing approximately 55mg caffeine), I started with taking 1 capsule a day to see how my body get on with around 4 times the amount of caffeine.

I gradually increased it to 2 a day, then 3, and realised that my body was not happy. I felt exhausted, agitated and unwell. But I took the higher dosage for a few days because I saw results each day (using my weighing scale). Instead of losing less than a pound a week, I was losing around 2 pounds a day. But health was more important than losing numbers on the scale, so I dropped it back to 2, then stopped taking the Raspberry K2 altogether for a few days.

My health was back to normal again, and I started to miss seeing the instant results (maybe it has turned into an obsession!). I really wanted to push myself further before the holidays, and knowing that it actually works for me made me consider taking the Raspberry K2 again. So instead of taking 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, I took 2 in the morning to see whether I'll feel better. I was glad to find that my body was happier with this, and I'm currently still taking 2 in the morning with my breakfast, coffee (I love the taste!) and a large glass of water.

Result and thoughts:
As mentioned above, the result was obvious on the scale. My weight still yo-yoed up and down each day (lots of other factors affected this), but to see that I can lose 1.5 to 2 pounds a day with the Raspberry K2 is amazing. Of course I wouldn't quite know what those numbers were made up of, hopefully it's the fat as it says!

Do note that Raspberry K2 alone isn't going to help you slim down. It is a supplement and you still need to have a good portion control, eat the right food and exercise (recommended 30 minutes high intensity or 45 minutes low intensity workouts for 5 days a week) to slim down or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I haven't decided whether I'll continue taking Raspberry K2 when I've finished the ones in the bottle yet. It certainly did something, and I like products that show what they can do instantly. I just need to be sure that I won't depend on them, as they should be a supporting product to help my healthy lifestyle and get me to where I want to be a bit faster.

Forza Raspberry K2, Forza Shake it Slim, Diet suppliments

Forza Raspberry K2, Forza Shake it Slim, Diet suppliments

Forza Raspberry K2, Forza Shake it Slim, Diet suppliments

FORZA Shake it Slim Starter Pack (7 days supply RRP £25.99, currently on offer at £18.99 with free or discounted gift; other pack sizes available) is a meal replacement shake that contains 22 different vitamins and minerals, and comes in 3 flavours - chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I'm not one to calculate calories, but if you do, each 55g sachet contains 204 calories.

The 7 day starter packs contains 14 sachets, and the free gift I was sent with the pack is a FORZA shaker. To make a shake, simply add 250 to 300ml water to the powder, either in the FORZA shaker or any mug/ glass, then shake it or stir it until completely dissolved.

It is recommended to replace 2 meals a day with a Shake it Slim, and have a nutritious and balanced meal for your third meal.

I haven't tried other meal replacement shakes before, so I can't really compare, but I think FORZA Shake it Slim overall is quite nice. Perhaps a bit too sweet for me, but I'm not one who likes to eat a lot of sweet food (I'm more a savoury person). You can of course add more water to the shake, although it'll make it less creamy.

Out of the 3 flavours, chocolate is my favourite. The strawberry tasted like strawberry and cream Chupa Chups, and the vanilla tasted very familiar and yummy too. I think I like the chocolate best because the cocoa powder balanced out the sweetness.

Portion wise, the shake might be best for people who eat full meals. I don't eat a lot during breakfast (2 slices of toasts or a small bowl of cereal) and lunch (an egg and banana for example), so I struggle to finish the shake. I managed 1/3 and felt really full, meaning that I didn't really benefit from all the vitamins and minerals, which I think make FORZA shake better than a homemade one. I might be able to finish one for dinner, but then I prefer a savoury dinner than sweet.

I do think that FORZA Shake it Slim makes a quick and easy lunch for me on days when I don't feel like having egg or banana, or fuss with making something to ear. Even though I can't get the full benefit from the shake, it's still better than grabbing a piece of bread!

I would absolutely love to see other flavours in the FORZA Shake it Slim range. If they have peanut butter, matcha or latte, I'd definitely buy them as I know that they will be delicious, and the sweetness will be just right too.

If you are interested in FORZA's products, you can either buy it from their official website, using code FZ3 for 10% off through this link, or you can also buy them from Boots online or in store.