Friday, 8 July 2016

Travelling Game: Name That by Megableu

Name That Game, travelling game, word game

As we will be travelling soon, travel size games will definitely come in handy. Although there will be entertainment on the plane, we will be in it for a good 12 hours, so I can't count on the TV screen alone to keep the kids busy.

We already have a couple of games in mind, but bringing another 1 or even 2 won't hurt, especially if they are fun and easy to play. Name That, a new game we are reviewing, will be one of them to come on board with us.

Name That Game, travelling game, word game

Name That (RRP £12.99, currently £10.99 at Smyths Toys; suitable for children 6 years + and 2 or more players) contains 50 cards and game rules, stored in a tin container. Each card features a category along the edge, and the first letter to be used for the answer in the middle.

A dealer is to shuffle the cards and place them in a stack, with the cards facing up. He/ she will read the category from the top card, place it next to the deck and reveal the letter on the next card that is to be used as the first letter of the word to be called out that fit the first card's category.

The first player to call out an acceptable answer wins the first card, and the one with the most cards at the end wins the game.

We really like this game because it doesn't come with a lot of rules, and we can casually play it during travelling. It's also a very good game for the kids to pick up new words, and test everyone's knowledge, which isn't necessary as good as we thought! Categories such as musical instrument, unit of measure and bird sounds easy enough, but when it's mixed with a random letter, which doesn't necessary make up to a word that fits the category, makes the game more challenging. I was even tempted to Google the answer, which should be encouraged really because we will then pick up new words to add to our vocabulary!

The rule for using the letter on the next card for the answer instead of the same card as the category allows more possible answers for each card, which makes the game longer lasting than I initially thought too.

I think this is a great game for Clay as well even though he's only 5, we just have to play it slower and give him the chance to think of an answer, which he might just know!

Overall a great game for playing during waiting times and travelling!