Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Versatile Summer Dresses

JD Williams, Summer Dresses, Summer dress 2 ways
I haven't done an adult fashion post for quite some time now, because I'm really self conscious and have been trying to hide from cameras. Although I'm not at my goal size yet, Summer holiday is here and I'd really love to wear Summer dresses again (especially when we are heading to 35+ degree Celsius countries!). So I took on a really lovely opportunity to try on 2 very versatile Summer dresses from JD Williams. They are both gorgeous with lovely materials, and they both offer at least 2 ways to wear them. When you are on holiday, the less you bring with you the better, so versatile is very important, and they both offer you exactly that.

JD Williams, Summer Dresses, Summer dress 2 ways

This Strappy Shift Dress (RRP £26) is simple, with georgette fabric on the outside, and is fully lined in jersey. It is a dress all ladies should have in their wardrobe because it really goes with many different occasions and seasons! With a casual cardie, beach tote and sandals, you'll be ready for the Summer days in no time, but with sparkling jewellery, a small clutch bag and perhaps a chiffon shawl, you are instantly glammed up for the night.

The fabric is really light weight, so even though it's black, it is definitely the black dress for Summer.

JD Williams, Summer Dresses, Summer dress 2 ways

JD Williams, Summer Dresses, Summer dress 2 ways

Shirt dress is trending at the moment, and I really love this Button Sleeve Shirt Dress (was £32, now £30), but I have some more work to do on my belly before it will look good on me. I really love it though, and it is one of the few button clothing that doesn't stretch at every curve! The fabric is lovely as well, with some weight to it so it doesn't mould around curves. It'll be a shame to leave it in my wardrobe until I'm ready (who knows when!), so I tried a different style and it worked!

By wearing the collar shirt dress as a long thin cardigan, it made me look and feel much taller, and I'll be able to wear it on a cooler Summer day too. If I'm to wear it as a dress though, I'll wear it with ankle boots and a slinky shoulder bag.

I'm really happy with the outcome, and I can finally wear Summer dresses again that doesn't make me look twice the size bigger than I am! As so many others has pointed out, just because we are big, doesn't mean that we are limited to a couple of styles only. We just need to find what suits us.

I won't stop here though, these pictures has encouraged me to work harder on my health, and one day I won't fear the camera again.

And if you are looking for a versatile Summer dress, no matter what your size, do give the above a try!