Monday, 12 September 2016

Largest LEGO Store Opening in the UK!

Oh wow! Next time we are in London we must visit the new LEGO retail store in Leicester Square, which will be the largest flagship in the whole world!

The new LEGO store will be opened on 17th November this year, and has 2 floors. 2 floors of LEGO! A total of 914sqm! It will feature a LEGO Big Ben which will dominate both levels, and will be the largest version of Big Ben built by the LEGO Group. It will also feature a working clock face that will be illuminated at night, just like the real thing! Can you imagine standing next to it during a Christmassy night? *insert love heart emoji*

Other exciting things about the largest LEGO store:

- a variety of large LEGO models

- an exciting new technology within a LEGO retail environment

- exclusive product sets (!!!)

- hands-on building areas and building demos

- the new LEGO mascot Lester, a tea-drinking LEGO English gentleman who is an expert on all things pertaining to the capital city and all LEGO matters

I've only just received this news and had to share! It's going to be a 'must visit' for us! Actually it might just be worth making a trip this November!