Saturday, 8 October 2016

Blog On MSI Winter 2016

Blog On MSI 2016 Winter, Blogger Event, Christmas event
It's been a while since I last attended a blogger's event. Initially I was planning to attend Blog On 2017 as I missed the one this year, but the amazing organiser Laura (also blogs at Tired Mummy of Two) created a special Blog On MSI Winter 2016, which was like a second opportunity for me! I'm really glad that I made it because it's by far the best blogger event I've attended!

Blog On MSI 2016 Winter, Blogger Event, Christmas event

Blog On MSI 2016 Winter, Blogger Event, Christmas event

The morning started with attendants' arrivals (it was lovely meeting lots of familiar faces, it's been too long!), welcome and keynote. Blog On MSI 2016 Winter had a Christmas theme, and the decorations and bloggers who dressed up for the occasion made it really joyful to be there (I want Christmas now!)! They even hired a few mischievous elves from Star Kids Party who has been going around sprinkling snow (it took some effort to brush them off haha..) and spreading joy (and cheekiness!) too!

The day is packed with opportunities to learn more about blogging (there is a lot of things involved behind a blog that people don't normally see) and connecting with brands, which is brilliant because Christmas is one of the busiest period for a lot of bloggers, and the more brands we connect, the more Christmas gift ideas we can provide.

Blog On MSI 2016 Winter, Blogger Event, Christmas event
One of the brand I got to know at Blog On MSI Winter 2016. Very Christmassy!
Blog On MSI 2016 Winter, Blogger Event, Christmas event
Fun things to do at the event! Spreading Good Deeds and decorating biscuits and cupcakes!
Blog On MSI 2016 Winter, Blogger Event, Christmas event
Fun competition for attendants in the background
I spent most of the day going around chatting with lovely people. The event had a relaxing atmosphere, making it comfortable to hang around without feeling awkward. The brands kept us busy with lots of competitions and fun things to do too. I decorated a digestive biscuit with icing and edible decorations from Cake Angel. I never thought of decorating a cookie that's not baked? Why did I never think of it? I'm so going to do this, or let the kids do this for a birthday party!

Jet2 holidays were giving out pre-iced cookies as well, but also gave us the opportunity to have fun decorating our own clay people and take pictures of them being on holiday as part of their competition (very creative!).

There were 4 time slots allocated for a total of 12 blogger workshops during the day, but I got carried away with chatting, so I only attended the Christmas Brand Collaboration Workshop. I learned that Cyber Monday/ Week is getting bigger in the UK, but if I create a guide for Cyber week, I won't be able to focus on my Christmas feature. So I'll have to leave this for next year to consider.

There was lunch of course. Laura has made it special and we were treated to a scrumptious Christmas lunch! The Turkey Pie and Pig in Blanket was so yummy, and there was mince pies too. There was also a gorgeous chocolate cake (but when I got there it was already cut), wine and bubbly! I normally don't drink alcohol because they tend to send me straight to sleep, but the sparkling wine from Lidl was so delicious! It's really easy to drink, and although it contains 7.5% alcohol, it gave me no side effects at all. Me and hubby ended up buying 2 bottles of it at our local Lidl to enjoy!

Every year at Blog On MSI, there is Tombola and Raffles to raise money for that event's chosen charity. This time they've raised money for TeamCowley, as well as Jenny from The Brick Castle's cat - Gary, who had gone through a surgery (you can find out why by visiting her blog. It's not right for me to mention it!)

While supporting charities, I won 2 prizes from the Raffle! Of course I had to choose LEGO (we are allowed to pick our own prizes from the raffle table), it's always on the kids' Most Wanted list, and them being LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and LEGO Star Wars were a bonus! It was the best moment for me that day!

Everyone who has been to Blog On MSI before know that the goodie bag is always epic, and that you should always carry an empty luggage with you just to haul that goodie bag home. This year they recommended us to bring a medium size luggage at least, and we knew why when we saw the amount of goodies we got from the goodie bag. It's amazing! Together with the prizes, I would have struggled if hubby and the kids didn't pick me up at the venue!

Thanks to Laura, it was another amazing and successful blogger event! Apart from all the goodies, we also brought home new knowledge and connections. I'd definitely love to attend Blog On MSI 2017 again, not just to connect with brands from different sectors, but also meet the lovely people again (I haven't seen some for years!).