Thursday, 13 October 2016

GBBO range at Debenhams and Black Forest Gateau

GBBO, Great British Bake Off range, Debenhams Homeware

GBBO, Great British Bake Off range, Debenhams Homeware

It's almost like they know that we have been taking on our own GBBO challenges! We were offered to review a GBBO Star Baker Apron, which is from the official GBBO range that are available from Debenhams! It has certainly made our private challenges a bit more special.

When Abby saw the apron she said:" Ooo mummy! Have you won the Star Baker title?!" Sure! Sure!

I do love the colour of the range:

GBBO, Great British Bake Off range, Debenhams Homeware

Especially the cake stand! I think these will make lovely gifts for the GBBO fans and star bakers!

They are currently doing a #GBBOMugOff competition on Twitter if you'd like to join in, simply submit a photo of your best mug cake and add the hashtag.

GBBO, Great British Bake Off range, Debenhams Homeware

So I was saying in my previous post that I was baking a birthday cake for my hubby. Here it is! A Black Forest Gateau, the Guardian version (highly recommended!)! It has a thin chocolate kirsch shortcrust at the base, flourless chocolate sponge brushed with kirsch syrup, cherry jam (I couldn't find the specific ones) and softly whipped vanilla cream, decorated with cherries and chocolate sprinkles. (Excuse the pictures' quality and lack of pretty back drop)

As it was already late, I didn't do a lot with the decoration. It looked like a proper Black Forest Gateau so I just left it like that. As long as it tastes good and the birthday boy is happy about it right?

Well. This 1 pound (size) cake has never made it back to the fridge. Hubby's favourite cake is Black Forest Gateau so it's expected that he'd eat another slice. But Clay has surprised us all by eating 3 proper slices of the cake. It was more than a quarter! I honestly hope it wasn't because of the tiny amount of kirsch I used (1.5 tablespoon mixed with syrup, and only 1/3 of that is used)! The flourless cake has certainly make it easier to eat though (so light!).

Anyway, as the one who made it, I'm really happy with the result. It was a delicious cake, and it's the first time I actually enjoyed making shortcrust pastry! Using it as a cake base gives it an interesting texture. I knew it's a new cake trend in Asia, but it's the first time I made it myself and added to a classic cake. It's worth giving it a try, you might like it as much as we do!

Happy baking! x