Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Gel-a-Peel Deluxe Kit and #Geloween

Gel-a-Peel, jewellery making kit, gel stickers

This is definitely one for the Christmas gift list! I first heard about Gel-a-Peel at Blog On MSI Winter 2016 blogger event, and the bright colourful tubes has caught my eyes. Initially I thought of gel-like stickers that you can stick on the window, but these are jewellery you can wear! So how does it work?

The lovely PR has kindly sent me the deluxe kit to try ourselves and review it here on the blog. It is now the jewellery craft kit Abby wants to play with again and again, which is rare because she doesn't love many toys or craft kits.

Read on for more information and why we would recommend it as a Christmas gift!

Gel-a-Peel, jewellery making kit, gel stickers
Right: huge range of colours available!
Gel-a-Peel Deluxe Kit (SRP £24.99, suitable for 8 years +) comes with 5 tubes of silicone gel (green is translucent glitter, the rest has a pearlescent effect), 7 designer tips (5 round tips, 1 star and 1 rake tip), plastic mat to work on, 5 sheets (front and back) of designs including letters, jewellery and basic patterns, leaflet with instructions, hairband, earrings hooks, keyring loops and a dual end tool.

It's very easy to use Gel-a-Peel. Simply attach a tip on the tube, stick the plastic mat down on top of a design, and start piping the gel onto the mat. You can follow the designs, or simply create your own. The silicone gel might smell a bit weird at the beginning, but once dried, it leaves a nice scent.

Gel-a-Peel, jewellery making kit, gel stickers

Gel-a-Peel, jewellery making kit, gel stickers

Gel-a-Peel, jewellery making kit, gel stickers

Gel-a-Peel, jewellery making kit, gel stickers

We absolutely love the bright colours of the gel! Although the design sheets are coloured in particular colours, there is nothing to stop you from using your own colours, or even change the design to your liking.

Once fully dried, you can easily peel the design off the mat and either wear it, or stick it on the window (although if you keep repositioning them they might loose their tackiness)!

The piping tips are very easy to clean, which is a bonus for me! Simple wait until it's dried completely, then use the dual end tool to dig the gel out:

Gel-a-Peel, jewellery making kit, gel stickers

It's weirdly satisfying cleaning these tips!

Initially we thought the gel was a bit hard to squeeze out, but after using them a bit more, the gel comes out smoothly, making piping patterns fairly easy.

Abby likes to do the simpler designs, and she'd love to gift something for her friend too. We also tried a bracelet, and even made a spooky spider bunting (you can download the patterns below) to join in Gel-a-Peel's Twitter #Geloween fun! There are prices to be won each week!

Apart from jewellery, there is a lot more you can do with Gel-a-Peel. You can easily decorate your windows, bookcase, mobile phone case etc with your Gel-a-Peel design! Now if only if we have all the colours available!

Overall we really like the Gel-a-Peel range. It's easy to use, and is much less messy than I thought. You can create something really quick, and do a few designs at the same time. Tidying up is easy too!

If you like Gel-a-Peel, they also have more free patterns for you to download from their official website, or you can download the following for Halloween!

So cute right?!

Hope you and the person you are buying for loves Gel-a-Peel as well!